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12-01-2007, 04:49 PM
Ok, before we start. I'm new at this, but I think I should be safe in posting what I'm about to post here. I also do't know the first thiing about modding, so this is basically just going to be a suggestion for a mod (or maybe a request?).

Ok, here goes.

It ocurred to me that there is very little difference between the 3 saber styles.
Dual and double requires training in two weapon wielding for an extra attack, but that doesn't distinguish between the two styles.
And double does a little more damage, but that is negligeble once you upgrade the sabers. That's about it.

However, in the movies there is a great difference. The double saber style is very acrobatic as demonstrated by Darth Maul in TPM. And even the dual saber style is very elaborate and flowing when Anakin uses it in AotC. The single saber style, on the other hand, is rather more stationary and precise, which is reflected in the dualling feats I guess. However, it is also allows the wielder to use his strength more effectively since it is wielded using both hands, as Luke does in RotJ.

In game terms then, the dual and double styles involves more dexterity while the single style relies more on strength. With this in mind, wouldn't it be cool if there were 3 saber stances in TSL, specifically for the three saber styles and dependant on abilities? It would allow for more destinction between the styles.


Single saber power stance.
Requirement: base strength 20 (so without item bonus)
It should probably improve damage and criticals at the expense of defence.

Dual saber flow stance.
Requirement: base dex 20
Effective against multiple opponants (since it has greater reach). Maybe also give an extra attack (on top of two weapon fighting) because the stance effectively uses body movent to make faster attacks and an attack bonus on the offhand. Not so good against a single opponent.

Double saber acrobatic stance.
(this style, it seems to me, is the hardest to use and should therefore also be the most rewarding once mastered, which would also give the style an edge compared to dual wielding which is generally better)
Requirements: base dex 18, base strength 18 (also wielded using both hands)
Generally better defence, because the acrobatics make hitting the wielder more difficult. Good attack and damge. It all comes at the expense of force powers since the stance requires much concentration.

The stances should not be much better than the other stances. The new stances should bring some diversity to the styles, not just make them more powerful. I imagine they all replace one of the original styles while the remaining are still more effective in certain situations.

They would be taught by Kreia, perhaps once one or two of the other stances are learned from the jedi masters. As such they are restricted to the exile.

Would it be possible to implement such a mod?