View Full Version : Making a new head based on an already existant model possible?

12-01-2007, 05:07 PM
I've been fooling around a bit in 3dsMax/GMax and I've imported models with the thought of possibly creating new heads.
But I wonder, is it possible to take, for example, the head of the n_swoopgang.mdl and make it an NPC head?
I'm trying to do my own mod right now, and I wish to have a truly unique head for my NPC, yet not give him the same body as the original head-carrier, if you catch my drift.
So, is it possible to take that head, delete the rest of the body, only keeping the head, and then export it, and make it a head like that? Or is it impossible, or does it involve more things, like maybe importing a real head and use that as a base?
I'm grateful for any answers I might get.