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12-02-2007, 10:26 AM
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Welcome !

This is a rather quick and dirty tutorial on how to setup your scene in Max or Gmax and then export it to be used as a new area model in K1 mainly .

NOTICE the QUICK and DIRTY , this is more or less for people who know how to model a bit and now there way around a bit in these programs .

I'll do a tutorial on modeling later , like this I think all my other tutorials will tie in nicely .

I advice to read the README in the next post, it gives another warning .
Not that I want to frighten people to do this , once you get the hang its fairly very very simple .

But to make things a tad bit easier I included a module file you can use for your first areas .

Another advice is to plunder the tutorial section , and read as much as you can . There are tutorials on how to make the module file and such .

Creating a whole new area , you need to know about almost everything there is in modding .

I myself mainly focus on modelling , so don't expect info about scripts, dialogs and quests ...

That should be all :)

* I hope this didn't scare of people* ;)

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12-04-2007, 10:35 AM
The following is the contents of Quanon's readme.txt

-Tools Needed-

-Gmax or 3D max + Nwmax


This is a rather quick and dirty tutorial .I expect you have some knowledge of 3D modelling in
one of the above mentioned programs .
And have a model ready , whatever it is just a box to test this out , actually I advice it to
have something simple ready at hand .

Kaurora is still in Beta , it can crash and will crash if something is wrong with the model .
And sometimes certain parts of the model can get twisted , or weirdly rotated by the export script of Nwmax .
Most of the times this can be solved by using ResetXform a zillion times or just re export the
model .

Other times you'll need to edit the ASCII format .mdl , you can open this with Textpad ; take a note of the objects
that go wrong in the game , then look up there names in your scene in Gmax or Max .

Open up the ASCII .mdl and use the search function of textpad , fill in the names of the "Bugged" Objects .
Look at their Orientation and position .
Orientation is set most of the times to : 1.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Position is a bit more difficult , but shifting the point a place to the rigth or left solves most problems .

I had to do this now and then , certain objects seem to refuse to get
exported correctly .

Save the modified ASCII .mdl and then redo the compile with Kaurora ; things should look better now .

But then again , don't be suprised by weird behaviour in game , this is new . The more people that get in to
this the more problems will be found , but the more change there is somebody will solve them aswell .


A Gmax file : Man_Sized_Box
A Max file : MAN_SIZED_BOX
A .mod file called NewArea001 ( for easy testing use )
A Word file with the Tutorial .