View Full Version : What makes Zaalbar a Wookiee?

12-04-2007, 01:56 PM
... Yes, you read well. What, in terms of game mechanics, makes Zaalbar a Wookiee? More precisely, what locks his Armor and Head slots? Given that
- There is no "equipslotslocked" column in the K1 version of appearence.2da,
- Zaalbar's race is "Human" in p_zaalbar.utc,
- No feat like Light Armor Proficiency is required to wear clothes (useless statement anyway, the problem is not whether clothes are equipable or not, but whether the slot is locked or not),
what prevents Big Z from wearing clothes or masks? Do the restrictions come with the Wookiee Toughness feat? If so, what is/are the script/s that determine/s the feats' effects?

Thanks in advance.

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And of course, two hours later, I find the answer myself. *sigh*
I can't believe I missed subrace.2da... There is even a field in the Kotor Tool's Creature Editor. KT can't edit it properly though, I had to use KGFF.
Thread to be closed, I guess...