View Full Version : Game running problems

Coren Saar
12-05-2007, 04:49 AM
Hi all!

KOTOR is the best game of all time for me and I never had any problems with it since I got it. I haven't played it for a couple of years and now I've started again. I've had issues with KOTOR 2 on Dantooine but never with the original game until now.

The problems started outside the apartment on Taris. When I switch characters or initiate combat (especially when the character is to make a hit) the game totally slows for a second and then it goes normal. I've put everything in the graphics section as low as possible and I've turned off frame buffer and antisotrophy etc.

I have to mention that when I first got the game, I played it on medium details without a single problem. Also, I haven't any mods installed.

Please help, this is ruining my gameplay!