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Char Ell
12-05-2007, 09:13 AM
It appears that The Force Unleashed will make it to Nokia's soon-to-be released mobile gaming application, N-gage.
ESPOO, Finland, December 3: Nokia (NYSE:NOK), THQ Wireless, Lucasfilm, and LucasArts today revealed that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is coming to N-Gage, Nokia's next generation mobile gaming platform in 2008.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed casts players as Darth Vader's "Secret Apprentice" and promises to unveil new revelations about the Star Wars galaxy. The game's expansive story is set during the largely unexplored era between Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.

The mobile version of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is in development by THQ's Finland-based studio, Universomo. Using Cell Weaver TM technology, the game lets the player harness the Force while assisting Darth Vader in his quest to rid the universe of Jedi - and face decisions that could change the course of their destiny.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Mobile game provides players with unique community features, including tournaments, score uploads and downloadable content, through N-Gage Arena services.

"We're proud to be able to deliver the next chapter in the Star Wars saga on the N-Gage platform," said Gregg Sauter, Director, Publishing, Nokia. "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Mobile game will take advantage of the N-Gage platform's robust native development environment to provide the ultimate mobile gaming experience, including powerful graphics, connectivity and community elements."

"THQ Wireless is dedicated to creating an awesome mobile Star Wars experience that delivers on the concept of unleashing the Force. The N-Gage platform makes it possible for us to release a rich mobile gaming experience to entertain as wide an audience as possible on N-Gage compatible devices," said Adam Comisky, vice president of THQ Wireless.

"The launch of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will be a major entertainment event in 2008, and bringing the game to the N-Gage mobile gaming platform is a big part of that because it means that millions of people around the world will be able to access the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed world right in the palm of their hand," said Howard Roffman, President of Lucas Licensing.
Source: gamesindustry.biz (http://www.gamesindustry.biz/content_page.php?aid=31177)

So now even a yet-to-be-released mobile phone gaming platform gets TFU but still no love for PC. :giveup:

12-05-2007, 10:07 AM
Yeah thats the shaft for PC players. With all these different versions I wonder if they will port it to PC eventually. Then everyone would be happy. I just don't see mobile gaming like this to be a very big demand.

12-07-2007, 11:05 PM
They've actually released screenshots of the N-Gage version.


Doesn't look too bad for a mobile platform, but I can't see many people purchasing this version. Which makes me think even more why not make a PC version. Surely a PC version would bring in more dough than this?

12-08-2007, 12:57 AM
N-Gage has been around for quite some time, and its a disappointing system at best. Its more like a weak-handheld-console-with-cellphone rather than a cellphone that plays games though.

Anyhow, despite what they say I do think that a pc version will exist. I mean, even a half-way respectful pc is capable of doing PS2 stuff. Probably the delay in announcement and such would be a tactic of the marketing scumbags only.

Think about it, most people with gaming pc would own at least one other console where TFU exist. IF a pc version does not exist YET then they would but the game first. Then the pc version shows up they will STILL BUY IT.

FOR THE MODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The other way round is probably not true. I mean, If I have a game for the PC chances are it would look and feel cooler than playing it on the tv (and screw $ony and PS3 with overpriced hdtv so it does not count) Well, at least not regular console, maybe handheld.

So the deliberate delay/withhold of a pc version is probably that. I mean, only in mods would we see cool things like ewok jedis, whack-a-jarjar, gizka slaughterfeast and other health games fit for the family.

Char Ell
12-08-2007, 10:47 AM
N-Gage has been around for quite some time, and its a disappointing system at best. Oh. I thought that N-Gage hadn't launched yet, based off what I read on the N-Gage website (http://www.n-gage.com/get_ngage.html)
Once the N-Gage experience goes live towards the end of 2007, the free N-Gage application will be available for download from the N-Gage.com mobile or PC website. Be sure to sign up for launch notification. Whatever the case, I don't own an N-Gage capable device nor a console or handheld gaming platform that TFU is being released on so it's still no TFU for me, until such time as I decide to buy an Xbox 360 or a Wii, which isn't likely to be anytime soon, if at all.

And I don't have a whole lot of hope for a PC version of TFU unless LucasArts announces they'll make one before the game actually launches.

12-08-2007, 11:15 AM
I thought they had discontinued the production of N-Gage and It's games.

Ctrl Alt Del
12-08-2007, 03:00 PM
I thought they had discontinued the production of N-Gage and It's games.

Nope. Though even Nokia considers it a waste, to say the least.

12-08-2007, 03:33 PM
Lucasarts hates us.

12-10-2007, 05:18 PM
It's like they're laughing at us PC-users. Okay, so they release it for the X360 and PS3, but not on PC. Perfectly understandable. Okay, so they release it for the PS2 and Wii, but not on the PC. Hell, I can still understand a little they release it on the DS and PSP. But holy ****, N-Gage getting a version, but not the PC? That's sadistic! LucasArts, you guys are sadistic!

Ctrl Alt Del
12-11-2007, 06:57 PM

Is it all right to you if the PC gets a low-end version like the portable ones? LA knows they would have to make the PC game good as the 360 and PS3 versions.

Serpentine Cougar
12-12-2007, 12:33 AM
But they're not even gonna try?

12-12-2007, 12:53 AM
Well for now from the info we know, no they're not but they could always port it over later.

Please make any further posts about Force Unleashed for the PC in this thread (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=179081).

12-17-2007, 10:10 PM
thats weird