View Full Version : [K1] HELP: Exporting gmax Model

12-05-2007, 10:47 PM
OK, so I followed T7's tutorial on adding the extra helper nodes to Revan's model so that it can function properly as a usable in-game robe. I've done everything correctly, it's just now I need to export the model into the MDL + MDX files to be dropped into my KOTOR Override folder so they can be used in-game. How do I do this? I decompiled the MDL and MDX files into an ASCII-MDL, opened it and made the edits in gmax/NWmax, then all I could do is save it as a .gmax file. I click on NWMax's General Utils tab and I can't figure out how to export the Revan cutscene model back into a usable MDL. From what I understand of what I've read, apparently you're supposed to use MDLOps to convert the model back into readable MDL + MDX files to be used by KOTOR in-game, but how am I supposed to do this if all I can do is save the file as a .gmax and not even ASCII-MDL after I made the edits? Can anyone please give me a quick tutorial on doing this with gmax/NWmax? I've searched around for already-written tutorials but they all talk about importing models, but never how to export them back into the game.