View Full Version : Jedi feats for items.

12-10-2007, 07:28 PM
Hi, I'm fairly new to modding and I'm trying create a couple items with Kotor Tool item editor and am having some trouble.

First I'm trying to get a pair of gauntlets to allow a non-jedi to use a lightsaber. I added Lightsaber focus, specialisation, proficiency, Jedi defense and Sense as well as Force sensitivity, however no joy. Is it something else I have to do? I don't want to turn any of my party members Jedi in order for them to use a lightsaber.

Secondly, using the Kotor Tool Item Editor, how is it possible to make armour force-friendly, the way robes are? Is it 'freedom of movement' that I would have to add?

Thanks in advance!