View Full Version : (TSL)Problem with new characters heads

12-15-2007, 02:49 PM
I have made 6 different variations of the Kaevee head model that I am trying to put in the game. I retextured the TGA's and named each one KV_01, KV_02 and so on to KV_06. I decided to go ahead and put the original head model which is the N_Jedimast_4h(or something like that) and renamed it KV_07. The problem I am having is that all the heads appear correctly except for KV_05, it is the same as the original head model.(KV_07) So I took out the KV_07 head model(original) and redid the appearance, heads and portraits.2da files without it mentioning anything about the KV_07 model and yet it still won't change. I didn't hex edit any of the MDL's but the other heads are still retextured except for the one. (KV_05)

Any help, ideas or suggestions would be appreciated