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12-19-2007, 10:50 AM
Edit: I am removing the link to this mod because it has one BIG BUG that can't be fixed:

If you kill Carth, who's going to fly the Ebon Hawk?

If you really want the mod, you can still get it here: http://www.e-varmint.net

Stop playing after you have killed the Janitor's Brother.

Unzip the file(s) and place the contents of Override in the game's Override folder, and the contents of Modules in the game's Modules folder.

Some Notes:
Make sure to start a New Game as a scoundrel. A script will add the soldier class (you will be both scoundrel and soldier). You can play as male or female.

The override folder contains some .utc files. I did this because m02ae is so large that I could not get the modifications to work by making a .mod file for this area. Remove these .utcs before you play a normal game!

Save the game between modules. If you save in m01aa, you will have to go through the introductory dialog again when you reload (but you get a free level-up).

As heavily-armed as you will be, you're barely a match for some of the Brood! Save as soon as you see the Janitor!

Edit: The Brood does not currently extend to the lower levels of Taris. If people like this mod, I'll add a "Showdown in the Sewers" or something similar.


12-19-2007, 03:37 PM
Interesting choice, going with a blue-violet color-scheme. Never would have considered using ultramarine on building interiors until now.