View Full Version : [K1] Need help with k_sup_bands

12-27-2007, 09:54 PM
I am trying to alter k_sup_bands to make a utility script fire when I use the Arkanian Energy Shield. I have tried countless variations if "if"s and "else if"s, but can't get it to work in a satisfactory manner. Has anyone done something like this before?

The eventual goal is to release a new K1 utility band without causing the end-user to have to change their spells.2da (or any other .2da) file.

So far it:

Reveals the map,
Opens the nearest door,
Makes you invisible,
Serves as an all-in-one shield activator.

I am going to add:

Remove invisibility
Change NPCs in the immediate area from Faction A to Faction B.

Edit: More complications. The script also has to only work for the FirstPC. Otherwise, the dialog will fire when other characters use their forearm bands.