View Full Version : Infuriating vanishing script

12-28-2007, 06:50 PM
Hi folks,

I've just started replaying TSL and I've been trying to modify some of the functions of the base force powers (increasing amount healed, AoE on Force Storm etc etc) but for whatever reason I can't compile k_inc_force.

I've been using KotorTool and it compiles everything else I throw at it beautifully, so I know I have it set up correctly, but whenver I attempt to compile this file I get the 'Success' dialogue box, but no .ncs file to be found.

I'm not actually convinced it's even trying to compile the file in truth, since (successfully) compiling even a two line script takes around 80ms, but it claims to compile the million line monster that is k_inc_force in less than 40ms.

Is there something fundamental about this file I'm missing? I'm sure at some point in the past (over a year ago) I was able to modify and recompile it, so I'm unsure what I'm doing incorrectly this time.

Any advice appreciated, and thanks in advance for your help.

Edit: Sorry, ignore me. Complete lack of coffee led me to overlook the significance of it being an _inc_ file in the first place.

Thansk anyway folks.