View Full Version : TSL won't detect my graphics card

12-30-2007, 08:54 PM
I'm running an widescreen HP Vista Home Premium laptop. I've done all the things to make (patched) K2 work in Vista (running it in compatibility mode, the dll file thing, and the DEP thing), but it still won't run.

I scanned my hardware, and I think I've found the problem.


According to TSL, I don't have a video card. Or at least, my drivers are out of date (it says it needs Detonator 45.23 drivers or better). Which is preposterous, because I just bought this thing over the summer and the graphics card should more than handle TSL. I've installed a few different updates, just sniffing around for drivers online and installing ones that look current...risky, but I haven't had problems yet. Once I install a new driver, do I need to reinstall the game to see if the game likes it?

Any thoughts? I'm really desperate here, so any advice would be great.