View Full Version : mi2 playback files

01-01-2008, 04:09 PM
I was previously looking at the mi2 playback files, particularly the demo.rec file included with the mi2 demo, I was hoping someone on this forum had looked at these previously, Im aware of what they are and what they do, Im also aware they are similar to save games in their structure, perhaps an advanced save with with mouse and keyboard logging included, I have previously spoken to a member of the ScummVM team and he stated that for the playback files to be read the data would need to be read from the playback files and injected into the ScummVM code at the correct times
I'd like to know if anyone is as interested in getting this to work with ScummVM as I am.

also Is it known that the mi2 demo playback process can be overridden slightly through use of page up and page down keys, which allow mouse movement.
and that the demo can also be started from the command line with 'mi2demo sputmdebug (room number)' which will load up a version of the windex debugger.