View Full Version : [K1] Changing Feats Given @ Player Creation

01-01-2008, 08:24 PM
Hi all. First time poster, long time lurker. I was attempting to do a small mod where I changed the feats that the soldier, scoundrel, and scout classes had access to. I also attempted to change which feats were given to a specific class at creation. I was successful but I encountered an unexpected consequence that you will read about in the step-by-step section that explains everything I did.

Steps I Took To Create the feat.2da That I Wanted:
1. I opened Kotor Tool.
2. I opened 2da.bif section
3. I opened the 2da array section
4. I scrolled down to feat.2da and opened it
5. I modified the feats I wanted to prevent the PC from gaining at character creation to have a 1 in each of their list columns. (scd_list, sol_list and sct_list)
6. I modified them again to have a -1 in each of their granted columns. (scd_granted, sol_granted and sct_granted)
7. I modified the feats I wanted to grant to the PC at character creation to have a 3 in each of the three "playertype_list" columns. (scd_list, sol_list and sct_list)
8. I modified them again to have a 1 in each of their granted columns. (scd_granted, sol_granted and sct_granted)
9. I modified the feats I wanted certain character classes to get at an inevitable level by changing the 4 in their list column to a 1. (scd_list, sol_list and sct_list)
10. I saved the modified feat.2da to my Override folder and started my game up.
11. Everything worked when I did my character creation, but when I got Carth I noticed something odd. He didn't have the Toughness feats. They were all gone. I noticed similar situations with Mission and Zaalbar. Mission was missing the Two Weapon Fighting tree and Zaalbar was missing the Conditioning tree. I knew it had to be something to do with feat.2da because those 3 feats were the ones I granted to each character class at character creation. I gave Soldiers Toughness Lvl 1, Scoundrels got Two Weapon Fighting Lvl 1 and Scouts got Conditioning Lvl 1.

If it will help I will list all the mods I am using in addition to this modified feat.2da. They are:
1. Belaya Korriban Saber Fix by Master Zionosis
2. [K1] End Battle Music-Duel of the Fates by Master Zionosis
3. Cantina Bastila by KristyKristic
4. Revan Cutscene Forcepower Fix by KristyKristic
5. Blaster/Armor/Droid Item Pack by Redhawke
6. Revan/Sith/Bastila Item Pack Redhawke
7. Manaan Door Relief by Darth333
8. Increased Attributes and Skills by Shem
9. Helena Wears Common Clothing by Shem
10. Recruitable Kay by InyriForge
11. Brotherhood of Shadow by SilverEdge9
12. Hardcore Mod by Talchia
13. New Bastila Underwear by RedRob41
14. I also modified the spells.2da to make all force powers available immediately after becoming a Jedi.
15. I also modified the featgain.2da to be able to gain more feats per level.
16. I also modified the classpowergain.2da to get more force powers per level as a Jedi.