View Full Version : (-DR-) Dark Resistance *RECRUITING*

01-02-2008, 08:19 AM
Hello guys,

(-DR-) The Dark Resistance is recruiting for SWBF2. We so far have about 20 active primaries for SWBF2. We also have 2 servers.

We are looking for active players. Be sure you are active on the forums as well.

Xfire and TeamSpeak and a valid email address are all required.

To download and check out info on xfire, click here (http://www.xfire.com) .

To download Teamspeak and check out info on TeamSpeak, click here (http://www.goteamspeak.com) .

Click here (http://darkresistance.net/index.php?skin_changer=Coruscant) to goto the main (-DR-) homepage. Feel free to browse around. When your ready, goto the tab that says "Message Boards." This will take you to the main forums page. You will need to register so please go ahead and do that. Once registered make sure your logged in on the forums. Then goto Recruitment Office and then read the topic that says Pinned: New Recruit Application Explanation. When your done reading, go back and post your application by answering the following questions right next to each question:

Your requested DR name:
MSN, AIM or Yahoo! adresses/usernames:
X-Fire Username:
Do you have Teamspeak, and a microphone?
If not, are you willing to get them?
What games will you be playing with us?
Who recruited you?
Why do you wish to join Dark Resistance?
Have you read the Code of Conduct rules?
Do you agree to uphold the Code of Conduct, and understand the reprocussions of not following it?

MSN, AIM, or Yahoo screenames are not required, but having a valid email address, xfire, and TeamSpeak is required.

For who recruited you, put in yankeefan05.

Need more info? Contact me on the (-DR-) boards via PM message or on xfire. My username is gtyankeefan05 .