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01-04-2008, 05:25 PM
I'm trying to develop a new force power, and whenever I use it, nothing happens, here is the script!

void main()

object oSource = OBJECT_SELF;
object oTarget = GetSpellTargetObject();

effect eBeam = EffectBeam(2053, oSource, 3);
effect eVFX = EffectVisualEffect(1001);
effect eSource = EffectVisualEffect(1004);
effect eDamage = EffectDamage(100);

ApplyEffectToObject(1, eBeam, oTarget, 2.0f);
ApplyEffectToObject(1, eVFX, oTarget, 2.0f);
ApplyEffectToObject(1, eSource, oSource, 2.0f);
ApplyEffectToObject(1, eDamage, oSource, 2.0f);

In fact, now all my force powers are all switched about! (like Statis field is now plague.) Help!!!!:(