View Full Version : Final battle on Kashyyyk doesn't start

01-07-2008, 08:58 AM
I'm having an issue where the final battle in the throne room on Kashyyyk doesn't start.

The cutscene prior to it starts where your party returns to the throne room, and there's some dialog between Freyyr, Zaalbar, Chuundar, and your PC. After Zaalbar says something about Chuundar must pay the final battle should start, but all I get is the cutscene ends, and nothing happens. I can talk to Chuundar again, but it just takes me through the same dialog.

I have the following mods installed:

Brotherhood of the Shadow
Recruitable Kay
Redhawke's Mission Jedi mod
Weapons of the Old Republic
Redhawke's Jedi General robe mod

Any ideas on what might be causing my issue?

*edit: figured it out...mod dialog conflict*