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01-09-2008, 06:04 PM
Ok so here's the idea.

8 months after V's death and the destruction of parliament, Britain's people have formed rebel factions. The death of the major political party members has also left a hole in the government’s control and many politicians struggle to control Britain's citizens.

The rebel factions are split into two main groups. The Crimson Vendetta and the People's Vendetta.

The Crimson Vendetta:

Those who view V's actions in a much more drastic view believe that destruction, chaos, and anarchy as mean's to regain control. They themselves have gone to great lengths to destroy government facilities by means of bombs and terrorist action. They're have been several civilian deaths due to their actions. Whether by accident or purpose they have done so and are viewed by the public as dangerous. They are the radical faction, glorifying their action in the name of V and what he did 8 months previous. They adorn the guy fawks mask just as their savoir did. They follow the man not his ideal's and their perceived understanding of what he would continue to do. These members believe that their beloved V is still alive, but do not hesitate to let the public believe he in fact is the one who leads them.

The People's Vendetta:
The other group follows the idea's behind V's actions, that the government should heed the opinions of all. They lead their members through protest and literature. Even though they wear the notorious mask of guy fawks just as their counterpart faction. They do so in honor of V. Freedom in free speech, literature, and sexual preference, these are the things worth fighting for.

That's what I've got so far. Here's a character sheet. I'll add some more details to the premise when I get home from work.

I'll be controlling Evee.

Faction or Occupation:
Beliefs or Goals: