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A great darkness has fallen over the Kingdom of Araya. A terrible plague sweeps through the land, slaying men and women, Nobles and Serfs alike. Nothing can stop it, neither prayer, nor magic, nor the leechcraft of the physicians.

To compound these problems, barbarian raiders have struck the land from the north, desolating the northern reaches of the Kingdom, launching the nation into the greatest crisis in it's history. Hope seemed to be lost, until a scribe discovered a hidden vault deep under the King's Tower, which spoke of an artifact of great power, the Orb of Karoth, that had the power to cure the plague as well as repel the barbarian invaders.

When King Seldin learned of this orb, he sent for his greatest knight, the renowned Sir Aeron Dragonsbane, the Knight of Morning and the shining hope of the realm to lead an expedition deep into the North and find the Orb of Karoth and return it to the Kingdom, renewing the glory of Araya and saving it from the darkness. With Sir Aeron, he sent twenty of realm's Guards, and with the Dragonsbane leading the expedition, hope returned to the Kingdom, as their greatest knight would never fail them. Or so they hoped.

* * *

Arayan Religion is founded around two fundamentals - Fire and Ice, Light and Dark, as personified by two deities, Rhillor and Nymeris, respectively.

Nymeris is depicted as a cruel God, bringer of Winter and Night, and his worship is quite in the South, although far to the North, it is said that primitive savages sacrifice men and children on altars to Nymeris, exchanging blood for protection from his cold wrath. This has led to worship of Nymeris being restricted in Araya.

Rhillor is a kinder God, but he is said to not sacrifice his Justice for his love of men. The Priesthood of Rhillor is split into two parts - Inquisitors, Warrior-Priests who act as both chaplains to warriors in the field, and warriors upon the battlefield, bringing death to the enemies of Rhillor, and the more gentle Clerics, who act to guide the spiritual growth of a community and preform the more peaceful tasks of a priesthood. Inquisitors also act as Judges, while Clerics are often trained in the medical arts.

* * *

Character Sheets,




Appearance: (Picture or description, no preference here.)



History: (Not required, but preferred)

Miscellaneous Notes:

A few things. Everyone's human, nobody should have the plague, and you should all be Arayan Guards. Men or women, no difference to me. Sir Aeron will be an NPC, although I will put up a character sheet for him.

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Forgive my ignorance, but is this RP based on something? Seems interesting.

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Nope. It's a Jan-u-wine Corinthian production, despite the cliches.

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What kind of skills should I put on there?

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Name: Curudir Therias

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Appearance: http://loreimages.level3.lotro.com//shared_images/thumb/b/ba/Characters_Aragorn.jpg/660px-Characters_Aragorn.jpg

Skills: Proficient in both one and two-handed swords, Curudir is often on the offensive when defending Araya from invading armies. He is also skilled in tracking and herblore.

Equipment: Twin Longswords, Arayan Chainmail, Longbow.

History: All his life he felt loyal to the King, and at the first sign of crisis, he joined the Arayan Guard. Afterwards, Curudir advanced through the ranks, defending the nation by leaving no enemy standing. Much like his comrade-at-arms Nish, Curudir cares little for the church, and fights not for any so-called god, but for the Greater Good of the people.

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Well, Ctrl, that's up to you. I'd prefer a limit to your skills, but other than that, it's up to you. Fighting abilities would be advisable, plus some more benign skills like hunting or climbing. No magic, though. I'm too lazy to make up rules for player magic, and the stuff tends to be more trouble than it's really worth. Anyway, the character sheet for my character and Aeron Dragonsbane should go up tomorrow, or at least soon.

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Appearance: Aria is clad in form fitting white robes. Usually bearing the hood over her head, her emerald green eyes seem to pierce through darkness. On the back of her robes are two angel wings embroidered with a soft blue thread. Under her eyes are two red triangles tattooed, a symbol of her priestly ness. Aria caries a wooden staff that has been stained a light blue and atop bears a light blue crystal.

Skills:Aria is a cleric of light, the ultimate practitioner of divine magic. She calls upon the power of her faith to heal wounds and provide hope for her people. Using a flight spell she can summon wings forth from the back of her cloak and hover off the ground and fly short distances. This act has earned her the nickname the cloaked seraphim. Most of her magic manipulates the element air, and the rest in light used for healing.

History: From a young age she had shown signs of the divine favor within her. The elders watched and noticed that even in the darkest of times, there was still an aura of light that surrounded her. So when she was 12, she was taken under the wing of a priest named Mizain. Under mizain she was learned in fields of healing and protections. Whilst people were dying in battle, she was being schooled. Aria hated knowing that she was being spared. She wanted to be out on the battlefield protecting her people just as much as the other soldiers. She has received her chance to do that. Now in her twenty fifth year she has been chosen to join a quest to find the orb of Karoth.

Miscellaneous Notes: Um... I wasn't sure how magic would work or if players were even allowed that option. So if the character is all wrong, I will edit or make a new character. Lemme know? ^^

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Not compleetely sure if it "fits" in your world, so tel me if I need to change anything.

Name: Nish

Age 27

Apperance: Skinny and hunched, Nish looks like your standard "slum-guy".

Skils: Nish is skilled with his two blades, and is fairly good at the noble art of poisoning, though he can't expect to last against anything that dosen't die quickly. He is also fairly good at climbing, swiming and other ways of getting from a to b.

Equipment: two schimitars, some poison-ingredients, climbing equipment, and leather armour.

History: Having spent his early years as a thief, and the later ones as a contract killer, Nish enjoyed his position in the food chain in an outlying city best known for its combination of extreme wealth from trade and its lawlessness. Unfourtantely, the king put a stop to it by apointing a new mayor, aswell as reinforcing the local guard. After a short while bounties began apearing on known criminals, offering positions aswell as gold. Nish, resigned to the fact that things would never go back to anarchy, began collecting "legal" bounties, after a while being granted the formal rank of arayan guard. Despite his rank, he is mostly employed to end important lives instead of protecting them.

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Mur'phon, your character isn't in the Arayan Guard. That's sort of an issue.

Crying, in the post above you, I mentioned that Magic was not one of the allowed skills. I'm not particularly fond of Player-controlled magic, it's a lot of work to set up decent rules for it. Now, you can be a healer, but it's going to be poultices and medicine, not light coming from your hand to close wounds.

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Mur'phon, your character isn't in the Arayan Guard. That's sort of an issue.

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Also, guys, I forgot to put equipment into the character sheet, you're going to need to edit that in. Whoops. Sorry.


Name: Aeron Dragonsbane, Knight of the Realm

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Appearance: Aeron Dragonsbane (http://wow.gamemeca.com/ftp_data/community/section_wow/st_wow_photos/2006/1115/6314/6314_41174749796.jpg)

Skills: Aeron is one of the finest swordsmen in the realm, as well as being an incredible rider and a master of the joust. He is moderately capable at treating wounds, and is a middling shot with a bow.

Equipment: After slaying Arimoth, King Seldin gave Aeron the ancient, spell-forged sword, Peacebringer. He has used that since. He also possesses the bastard sword, Dragonslayer, which slew Arimoth, although it was so damaged by the monster's boiling blood that it is near-unwieldable.

He wears a suit of gilted steel plate, over crimson-painted ringmail and boiled leather. His helm is forged in the shape of a lion, with a lion-hair plume running down the back of the helm.

History: Aeron Dragonsbane, known in his youth simply as Aeron, was the son of a hedge knight and a crofter's daughter. Despite birth in obscurity, he quickly became one of the realm's premier knights, winning several tourneys and being the first of the King's Banners to storm Dorath Castle during their rebellion nineteen years ago, and for that, being made a Knight of the Realm and one of the King's Guard. Over the next seventeen years, he continued to distinguish himself as a Knight, finally sealing his name in history when he rode alone against the last great dragon, Zarimoth, and slew it before the Greymantle City gates. This earned him the title of Dragonsbane and he became one of the few legendary Heroes of the Realm to achieve the title before death.

During the recent Barbarian Invasions, Aeron was leading the defense, winning several key victories to buy time for the Arayan armies to assemble, but was called away from the front to locate the Orb of Karoth.

Aeron Dragonsbane is a Non-Player Character, meaning anyone can use him. However, I would prefer you were sparing in your use of him, and do not - DO NOT do anything particularly major with him without my approval.


Name: Kadis Coldtower

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Appearance: Kadis Coldtower (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v679/Corsair65/KadisColdtower.jpg)

Skills: Kadis is strong, coming from years of practice as well as previously working as a blacksmith before joining the Guard. He is skilled with the use of the warhammer, as well. In addition, he has the skills needed to make field repairs to mail armor, although repairing plate is nearly impossible without a forge. He's a fair barehanded fighter, quick and strong enough to stand against most any human fist fighter and not shame himself.

Equipment: Kadis wields a double-sided warhammer, along with a large, triangular oaken shield, reinforced with steel. He wears mail over black boiled leather, along with leather gloves and boots.

History: Kadis' life was nothing of note. Born to a blacksmith, he studied the trade, finishing his apprenticeship at 15. However, although he was competent enough at the trade, he didn't enjoy it. Kadis wasn't suited to standing before an anvil, hammering out some block of iron into a fine sword so that someone else could take his work and win praise for it. He wanted that for himself. The solution seemed obvious to Kadis - join the Guard.

In the Guard, he learned that, although he was more than competent at fighting with his fists and hammer, he was in no position to win any glory - the realm already had their hero, and Kadis wasn't half the warrior that Aeron Dragonsbane was. Despite his lack of any great reknown, Kadis was a respected Guardsman, on his way to becoming a Knight, when the plagues and the invasion hit. Kadis was at the front, serving under Aeron Dragonsbane himself when he was summoned to join the Expedition.

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Oh sorry. I missed the post above mine. I'll change it.

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Alright, The Karoth Chronicles will begin on Saturday. Casting will remain open indefinitely.

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It's up. The Karoth Chronicles: Shadow Rising (http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=185476)

Also edited in a Religion section on the main post.

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Sorry this took so long, I had decided to make a new character and I was having trouble deciding until I saw you religion section. That helped me decide.



Age: 25

Appearance: Long raven hair, kept back in a braid. Her face is a pretty one, with bright green eyes and body is slender and toned. She wears a white tunic with gray trousers and black boots. Her armor consists of a simple breastplate with leather bracers.

Skills: Kaleah is a war-priestess of Rhillor and is well trained with a sword. She doesn't use a shield and prefers a quick attack strategy. She is also well trained in treating wounds and sickness.

Equipment: Long sword, breastplate, medicinal herbs, poultices, and a suture kit.

History: Kaleah was born to a duke and duchess in the capital city. On the day of her birth when most babies born of status (especially females) would have their blessings and be raised to do their courtly dutie, a priest had a vision as he lay his hands on the babe's brow.

"This child will serve Rhillor."

From then she was fated to be sent to the temple to train as a priestess. She was a quick learner and even better fighter and many clerics swore they could see the divine favor in her eyes. When she was 24 she was finally sent to accompany a group of clerics to the front lines to provide them with Rhillors blessing. Although many of the soldiers were skeptic of the women's abilities and some even weary of her presence, she was able to prove them wrong as she fought alongside them. She gained favor with the soldiers and even made a few solid friendships. A year later, she has been summoned to be Rhillors representative on a mission to find the Orb of Karoth.

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Presumably, Aria is out of the picture. Your characters all look fine, people. Probably should have mentioned that.

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Presumably, Aria is out of the picture. Your characters all look fine, people. Probably should have mentioned that.

Yeah Aria is a no go!

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Name: Thanar Solne

Gender: Male

Age: 44

Appearance: Thanar wears tough, course-spun woollen overcoating atop his steel plate-and-chain, provided by the Church armory. Chained to his belt is the top half of a human skull, bronze-plated and bearing the inscription: "The reward of the faithless is death." Connected to his armor at the elbow with a long chain is a fierce warhammer, and on his left side is clipped a massive, leather-bound tome, a book of scriptures and law, symbolizing his role as judge and advisor. His face is grizzled and scarred, and his head is completely bereft of hair.


Skills: Thanar has been trained to root out liars and discern the truth in most any given situation. He also has been empowered by the laws of Araya and Rhillor to dispense summary justice upon those determined to be lacking in their duties to their nation and their god. He is a fair hand in combat, aided significantly by his ability to disregard injury and self in the heat of battle.

Equipment: A suit of chainmail with plates affixed around the shoulders and neck, bearing sigils of Rhillor. A book of law and scripture. A bronze-plated skull. A steel warhammer. A woollen overcoat with the Arayan coat of arms emblazoned upon it.

History: Thanar was born to merchant parents in Araya's capital city. Due to his parents' wealth, they could afford to send him to one of the finest schools in the nation, which happened to be a religiously-run institution staffed by some of Araya's intellectual and religious elite. This upbringing- more time spent with the priests and priestesses who made up the faculty of the school than with his own parents- allowed the school to steer one of their most adept students towards the service of god and nation, rather than the building of a merchant empire stretching across Araya as his parents had hoped. Luckily for his parents, they found the scion they were looking for in his younger sister, but Thanar's early disappointments to his family meant that he had very little contact with them after becoming an adult. After completing his education, several of his professors recommended the priesthood to him, and with their blessing, Thanar entered the Church of Rhillor's service at the age of eighteen. Thanar served as an acolyte for three years, and he learned much from the priests of how to properly serve Rhillor and honor his name. They also taught him much of how Rhillor cares for his people and heals their ills, but little of Rhillor's sterner side as the Lord of Justice. When first he asked of this discrepancy, the caretakers of the temple would disregard his questions and tell him to get back to work. When his questions became more insistent, however, he was brought to the High Priestess of the cathedral he served at. Thanar explained his confusion to her, and she smiled and shook her head slowly. "That is the place of the Inquisition to teach you, Thanar- if you wish to join their ranks. It is not the place of the priesthood to dispense justice." Those two sentences sealed Thanar's desire to become an Inquisitor, visions filling his head of righting the world's wrongs and putting injustices to right, a hero of the legends of old. So, at the age of twenty-one, Thanar was apprenticed to a Field Chaplain, a low-ranking member of the Inquisition. He served in minor skirmish actions against unruly peasants and bandits for a few years, while being educated in matters of law by his mentor. At the conclusion of this training, he was ordained a Chaplain himself. He progressed quickly through the ranks of the Inquisition to the rank of Confessor, and he was recently assigned as the personal spiritual advisor to Aeron Dragonsbane, legend of the realm and hero. As Aeron's advisor, he was obliged to accompany him on their quest for the orb.

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Name: Algren Meldor

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Appearance: Long dark brown hair, brown eyes, well built shoulders and arms. He wears a hooded dark green cloth over his armor

Skills: Algren is fast, his reflexes are among the fastest.His well built muscles give him good strengh, but he can improve in this area. He masters swords, daggers and his skill with a longbowbow is average and in need of practice. His Stealth ability is remarkable.

Equipment: dark brown leather boots, leather armor with the Arayan Guard simbol on the shoulders, dagger, longsword with a Rhillor simbol on the grip, longbow(poison hunting arrows), small brown sack with 2 little stones, Dark green cloth, personal diary.

History: Algreen was born in Araya's countryside. Son to a hunter he went to countless hunts since he was young.From simple deer hunts, to wolves and brown bears. There he learned how to aproach his prey without making a single sound. His father always told him to stay at a safe distance from the prey and use the longbow, but he enjoyed the danger, getting close to the prey and thowing his dagger. Ofcourse if the dagger missed the right spot he was exposed and in serious danger, that way he learned how to climb trees in the blink of an eye. But one day the hunter becamed prey and his father arrow had to save him. Since then he reluctantly used the longbow on big preys but he still used his twisted method on smaller ones. At age 17 his father died, not standing to hunt alone he decided to try his fortunes at Araya's capital. He did countless jobs in the capital city, all having to do with weapons, some important and righteous and some shadowy and mysterious, "I need the gold" he said to himself in an attempt to calm his conscience... At age 22 he felt the call of duty, something was lurking in the shadows and he felt it... he couldn't stand by and do nothing, he decided to enlist himself in the army. He's been in the army for 1 year now, his superiors saw great promise in him, when judging his character, brave and courageous some said... careless and inexperienced others said. As for his skills, there was no discussion he was respected by everyone. One thing is sure, with Algren in the company there will always be food on the table, he always finds something to hunt even in the most remote and deserted places.
Algren knew he was doing well in the army as a scout, but still he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the letter of notification that was delivered to him, by one of the kings personal guards, two weeks ago. Not to tell when he started reading and realized that the king himself wrote it, short but decisive:

"Elite scout Algren Meldron you are hearby being reasinged under the command of Sir Aeron Dragonsbane effect immediately for a mission of the outmost importance. Grab only the necesary equipment, my guards will escort you to the fort right away.

King Seldin."

Before he could come to reality he was being escorted to the Arayan Guard fort. Still in stupor he folded the notification carefully and slipped it between two pages of his personal diary.

Since that day he's been under lord Aerons command, he heard the tales about him, though he haven't seen him in action yet.