View Full Version : [TSL] Inexplicable Crash

Darth Manus
01-14-2008, 07:13 PM
I started playing TSL again after a long break and just noticed something bizarre. For some reason, every single time I step into the first room on the left in the secret tomb on Korriban, the game crashes. Has anyone ever heard of anything similar?

EDIT: Approaching the middle door seems to cause a crash as well. Is it possible that the module files are corrupted?

01-14-2008, 07:30 PM
Do you have any mods installed that affect those files?

Darth Manus
01-14-2008, 07:36 PM
I have quite a bunch of mods installed, but none of them related to Korriban.

EDIT: Excising the Override folder seemed to prevent the crash. I'm looking through the files now, but I don't see anything related to Korriban. Now I suspect that there's also something in the Override folder that's making the game crash every time I try to set up a match with Revan in the Combat Simulation Arena mod. Unforunately, with all the mods I have installed the Override folder now contains 743 files... Does anyone have any suggestions to help narrow down the search?

Here's a list of the mods I remember installing:

RedHawke's Exile Item Pack
Prestige Class Robe/Saber Pack
Combat Simulation Arena mod
A mod that changes Kreia's class to Jedi Master/Sith Lord when you pick a prestige class (forgot the name)
A mod that gives Force Enlightenment or Force Crush when you pick a prestige class
A tweaked Force power gain file that was on PCGamemods, if I recall
High Level Force Powers mod
A few dlg files that are supposed to correct conversation errors
A few files to fix bugged quests like Fuel for Telos and the escaped criminals thing
Easy Swoop Racing
The mod that adds Coruscant to the planet list, along with the Jedi Temple
Craftable Darth Revan/Star Forge/Revan the White robes mod
The hidden compartment fix for the Ebon Hawk and a couple of modifications that add a few containers to the ship
Force Choke Anyone mod

EDIT2: I don't believe this! After an elimination process, removing all files of each type from the Override folder, it turns out that the one responsible is among these:

n_darthrevan.mdl, n_darthrevan.mdx, PFBJM.mdl, PFBJM.mdx, PMBJM.mdl and PMBJM.mdx. I'm conducting further tests to narrow it down, but it makes no sense... Why would files related to Revan's robes be causing this crash? Also, could these be the reason why the game crashes every time I try to set up a match with Revan in the Combat Simulation Arena?

EDIT 3: I suspect I mismatched files from different versions of the robes mod. I've removed the files from the folder and now I'm attempting to install the version that comes with an installer.

EDIT 4: Problem fixed for now. Will check if these Revan's robe models have the lightning from feet issue. I'm feeling tempted to zip up the modules from Easy Swoop Racing, the modified dialog.tlk file and the Override folder and upload it all in case someone wants to use all these mods and doesn't want to bother installing everything manually. Of course I'll have to ask a lot of people for permission...

EDIT 5: Nope... The problem is back. Doesn't crash when I try to set up a match, but it still crashes every time I go near the door or into the middle of the room to the left. I give up... My Override folder has 4438 files and I'm tired of reinstalling every single mod over and over again like an idiot.