View Full Version : scripting problem or ?

01-15-2008, 10:23 PM
recently i have been working on several mods, prestige classes being my foremost project, it included all npc's starting off a prestige classes the moment you meet them, plus having there own lightsabers and uniforms. so far everyone has worked except bao-durs i have reworked him 6 times so far but he keeps reverting back(found out it was his subclass that was keeping him from wearing robes but everytime i change that it reverts back anybody else know where i can find whatever it is that keeps changing him back. i have already changed the appearance.2da to change him over completely but it isnt affecting his subrace so far.

2. also needing to know where i can find the script that usually happens when you start turning them into jedi, been through just about all the dialogs and cant seem to find the right one.

3. also need to know what file it is that i need to mod for the npc so i can start him off as a prestige class.