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01-19-2008, 07:34 PM
I just saw the movie Hairspray last night and absolutely LOVED IT! As far as I know, there is no sequel to it, and I'd like to roleplay one. Anybody game who knows they "just can't stop the beat"? Here's the "backstory" so far...

Tracy Turnblad (me), still one of the Nicest Kids in Town after two years on the Corny Collins show, is struggling over what to do when she leaves school. Part of her wants to marry Link Larkin and settle down in Baltimore pronto, but the other part wants to follow Link hundreds of miles away--to New York! Tracy thinks they have has a shot on Broadway, but they have no dough...

Penny Pingleton (OPEN SLOT), Tracy's best friend, finds herself in a bind--and the middle of the burgeoning women's rights movement--when she finds out she's expecting Seaweed's child. Should she visit the local clinic down on Twenty-Seventh Street for a procedure, as a former Kid in Town suggests?

Link Larkin (OPEN SLOT), Tracy's boyfriend and soon-to-be fiance, discovers that his freewheeling dancing days might be over. Not from marrying Tracy and either settling down in Baltimore or heading for Broadway, but because other guys his age are being drafted for Vietnam--and his number's up!

Seaweed Stubbs (OPEN SLOT), though as "hot to trot" for Penny as ever, is trying to figure out what to do about Penny's "condition". Should he marry her? How can he support a wife and child right out of high school when he figures that the best job he can get would be shoeshiner or restaurant waiter? Not only that, but Seaweed yearns to fight harder for civil rights...

Velma Von Tussle (OPEN SLOT), fired from her post at the TV station, has found a new niche: the cleaning business. She's planning a takeover of Edna's Occidental Laundry, renaming it Tussle's Touch-Ups and establishing a chain of laundries throughout Baltimore. Will Edna Turnblad be out of a job?

Those are the characters I'd like, and you can create your own character! :)

Here are the rules:

1. This is a "roleplayfic", along the lines of "Stat' Geroyami". No one-liners.
2. Writing songs for the characters to sing is more than perfectly OK!
3. If you create your own character, try to relate him/her to the main ones
and to a pertinent cause/issue from the 1960's to address in the roleplay.
4. Most of all, have fun! :)

Any takers? :D

Tracy Turnblad