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“So this is the deal. Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Angels, pretty much anything else considered supernatural all exist and walk among us on this mortal coil we call the planet Earth. For the most part they are not particularly Evil or Righteous just trying to make their way in this little thing called life like all other beings on this planet. Unfortunately there are some that are the stuff the legends are based on, Vampires that hunt the blood of innocents, demons who wish to bring forth the apocalypse and savage werewolves that cause havoc on a fall moon. When these things happen there are those of us that stand between them and the innocent people of this world. We fight the evil and restore balance so people can carry on living their lives ignorant to the truth.”

PI: Paranormal Investigation

“I’m just guy really, human or a neutral as I am described by the Lights (angels and all creatures from the Heavenly Dimensions) and the Darks (Vampires, Demon and those from Hell Dimensions), I worked as Forensic scientist for the police in the city of London when I started noticing strange Murders that could not be conventionally solved. I soon entered into the underworld of the city, I discovered all these creatures of the night and the Angels that live among us. I became obsessed with solving these crimes of the paranormal until I got the nickname Mulder from my colleagues and eventually thrown out of the Police force. Now I continue to solve these murders, disappearances and anything else the police can’t handle. I’m a Private Investigator at Third Eye investigations, and with my new Colleagues and friends we help those who are lost in the underworld.”
__________________________________________________ __________

The Story

Welcome to the Starmark2k January RP. As I’ve recently been watching my Angel DVDs and reading the Buffy season 8 comics I’ve gotten a taste for the Supernatural, much like a Vampire gets a taste for blood. So in that spirit I’ve decided to attempt an RP based in the modern world where magic exsists.

The timeline for this RP is modern hence the RP will start in January 2008, your character will be one of the people (or non sentient creature) who work for Third Eye Investigations that Investigate the occult and other strange happenings in the City of London.
__________________________________________________ __________

Rules- RP forum rules are standard.

No killing PCs without permission
Minimal Char Control (it’s unrealistic to RP without it creeping in)
Thread master controls all 'plot sensitive' NPCs
7 day Absence rule- don’t post for seven days your character becomes a NPC until you return.
No one-liners
1 PC Max
Limiting the amount of players to 6
__________________________________________________ __________

Character Sheet

Name: (John Doe, Jane doe, etc)
Nickname: (If any. JD, Starbuck, etc)
Species: (Human, Vampire, Werewolf, etc. see below)
Sex: (Male or female)
Age: (realistic for species)
Alignment: (Light, Neutral or dark. based or species)

Appearance: (Pic or description)(if multiple forms post for each form. I.E Werewolf would have human and wolf forms.)

Weapons/Equipment: (Weapons, tools, armour, charms, magic equipment, etc.)
Specialist Skills/Knowledge/Magic: (Skills that your character has that will be useful, Limit 3, unless you’re character is magic based like a witch then you can have two more magic powers.)

Weaknesses: (For Non human characters only. see below)

Bio: (History and personality)(What other Character would already know about yours. Part of the fun of these RPs is discovering the past)

How you were Hired: (How and why your character ended upon Joining Third Eye Investigations. This may need to be discussed with me as my characters does the hiring..)
__________________________________________________ _____________

Species, Powers, etc.

Ok If you want your character to be non human (a Light or a Dark) you can but so no one gets over powered It needs to get an OK from me and be balanced. So for every special ability you have you need a weakness of some kind like how a Vampire is immortal but burns up in sunlight. I’ll give you 3 Examples below.

Alignment: Dark
Specialist Skills/Knowledge/Magic:
Immortal- Vampires will not age or die by natural causes and can only be killed by beheading, Wood or silver stake through the heat, Fire and sunlight.
Super Strong- Vampires are 7 times stronger than when they were alive.
Quick healing- Vampire heal from wounds that would kill Humans and even grow back lost limbs.

Weaknesses: When skin is pieced by silver it causes a vampire to become weak, Crucifixes and holy water burn flesh, sunlight kills, They can only enter a persons home when invited, they must drink blood to stay strong.

Alignment: Dark
Specialist Skills/Knowledge/Magic:
Enhanced Senses- Even when in Human form the werewolf’s five senses are all greatly enhanced particularly hearing and Smell.
Rapid Reflexes- Even in Human form a Werewolves hand eye co-ordination is greatly improved over a humans
Quick healing- Werewolves heal at Much quicker than average people.

Weaknesses: On the Nights of the fall moon and the day proceeding and preceding it the Human will turn into a vicious wild creature that the human inside has no control over, A Human that has been bitten by the Werewolf may also turn into one when spells and initiated or the persons life is in great danger. While in Werewolf form they can only be killed by beheading or silver through the heart.

Guardian Angel
Alignment: Light
Specialist Skills/Knowledge/Magic:
Wings- Angel’s can cause wings to grow out of their back allowing them to fly.
White Light- The Guardian Angel can create a burst of light that will burn Darks.
Immortal- Guardian Angels will not age or die by natural causes and can only be killed with weapons soaked in the blood of innocents, the bites of Dark Entities (Vampires, Werewolves) and dark Magics.

Weaknesses: Angels can be made mortal by removing their wings making them as vulnerable as any human. They can only use their powers when others they have been sent to protect are in danger.

The only limit on powers is that they can’t do anything that effects time or will kill something in one usage, otherwise it’s common sense to what would be overpowered. The same goes for magical items.
__________________________________________________ __________

Name: James Burke
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 26
Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Pic (http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a353/starmark2k/xander.jpg)

Weapons/Equipment: Korth Revolver (http://www.kitsune.addr.com/Firearms/Revolvers/Korth_Revolver.jpg) with both silver and standard bullets, both wood and silver stakes. Forensic tools.
Specialist Skills/Knowledge/Magic:
Forensic Scientist- Studied the subject in university and spent three years implementing it in the field he has become an expert.
Occult Expert- Since James first discovered the Occult he began collecting books on the subject and know a lot about it, that he doesn’t know is only a book away.
Police Contacts- James has kept some friends in the police force who can get him information or give him leads.

Growing up in London James was always very academic and wanted to know has everything worked, he also had a love of crime novels so it was little surprise when he took up Forensic science going to university.

He passed with a first and decided to join the police force feeling he would do more help there rather than working for an independent forensics company. He worked solving a variety of crimes for a little over a year until he noticed a pattern amongst a series of Unsolved Murders. He discovered it was a Group of Dark Demons sacrificing innocent people, although he solved the crime he was not believed. This discovery changed his life and he began to take any odd case, unfortunately as the Law never recognises the Occult he was considered to be wasting time and disbarred from the force.

He decided not to give up solving these crimes and started Third Eye Investigations where he specialised in the odd and strange case.

He lost his eye on one of his early cases when he was captured by a demon that harvested human eyes, fortunately the demon only got halfway through the ceremony when James colleagues saved him.

Now two years after beginning the company he has become known as the go to person in London to solve cases involving the paranormal or considered unsolvable.

How you were Hired: Started the company.

01-20-2008, 02:10 PM
Name: Daniela Santos

Nickname: Dania

Species: Werewolf/Human hybrid

Sex: Female

Age: 29

Alignment: Dark

Specialist Skills/Knowledge/Magic:

Enhanced Senses- Even when in Human form the werewolf’s five senses are all greatly enhanced, particularly hearing and smell.
Rapid Reflexes- Even in Human form a Werewolf’s hand-eye co-ordination is greatly improved over a human’s
Quick healing- Werewolves heal much quicker than average people.

Weaknesses: Due to being a hybrid, Dania’s weaknesses are slightly different. She is not as strong as a full-blood Werewolf, but still definitely stronger and faster than a Human. Nights of the full moon force her into her Wolf form, but she has a little more control over the madness than your average Werewolf... meaning, while she flies into a rage, she has the ability to direct that rage. So it is that, instead of killing people, she often targets wild animals or inanimate objects. In Wolf Form, she can be killed by beheading or by silver through the heart, just as will all Werewolves.

Human Form: Dania Santos (http://b9.img.v4.skyrock.com/b9e/sophcaro/pics/612490166_small.jpg)
Wolf Form: Wolf Form (http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o281/wildjedi/greywolfediteyes.jpg?t=1200106277)


Her Wolf form – in Wolf form, Dania has the advantage of her claws and teeth
.40 Glock handgun – carried when in Human form
short sword, laced with silver – sheathed and strapped to her back at all times... even in Wolf Form

Bio: Born in Spain, Dania moved to London, England with her parents. When she turned ten, Dania’s parents revealed that her father was a Werewolf when the girl began showing signs of taking after him. As such, she is a hybrid, a rarity in the supernatural community, for most Humans wouldn’t dream of taking a Werewolf as a partner for fear of ending up dead around a full moon. But Dania’s mother insisted her father was a good man and stuck with him... right up until she passed away of cancer, when Dania was fifteen.

From the day her mother died until she graduated from high school three years later, Dania seemed to be on some sort of autopilot, spending most of her time alone or speaking aloud in Spanish to no one. She went to college and graduated four years later with a degree in English, and a minor in music. Then, her life resumed its autopilot until she turned twenty-seven. That’s when she ran into Third Eye Investigations... and was finally thrown head-first into a purpose driven life. Two years later, she’s still with them and she loves both the job and the people she works with.

How you were Hired: Third Eye Investigations was on the trail of a precog, their first target, but as is to be expected with precogs, it was nearly impossible to do something the being would not anticipate. Dania was added into the mix wholly by accident; she’d wandered into a movie store to pick something out for herself and her father that night. Third Eye rushed in from the back door, chasing the precog and screaming at anybody to try and trip him up. Dania did so, though even her better-than-human reflexes were almost overwhelmed by the precog’s foresight. In the end, though he succeeded in dodging her inside the store, she chased him down outside and brought him back to the Third Eye investigators. At that point, she was offered a job. She was intrigued and accepted.

01-20-2008, 02:49 PM
Name: Claude Fitzgerald / Eddy
Nickname: Dr Jekyll + Hovis Best of Both
Species: Human (Split Personality)
Sex: Male
Age: 36
Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Claude (http://img.timeinc.net/time/topten/2006/images/television/dexter.jpg)

-Autopsy equipment (e.g. Knifes, scalpels, etc.)

Specialist Skills/Knowledge/Magic:
-Medical skills (i.e. Autopsy)
-Detective Skills (i.e. Interviewing, investigation, researching)
-Physical stength

Bio: Born and raised in Bristol, Claude had always known of his twin personality. It was something he had been born with. He theorizes that during his mothers pregnancy, they were first expecting twins however Claude's twin strangely died, and during this his mind/soul was transfered over to Claudes. But with no way to prove that, Claude doesn't bother. Claude named his second personality Edward Hyde, after the fictional character Mr Hyde despite Eddy isn't a deranged murderer, just a different person.

Claude had intended to become a doctor, where as Eddy desired to join the police force. The two compromised and decided to become a corner. The two went through college and university before spending four years working for Scotland Yard's corner office, however the job became too dull and depressing for Eddy and convinced his other half to change careers to become a DI (Detective Inspector).

After going through all the training, Claude/Eddy rejoined Scotland Yard as a DI. Five years went passed, and this time it was Claude who was becoming miserable because of the job, while Eddy was having the time of his life. It was then he learned of James Burke and his organization. Eddy did a bit of background research to make sure this guy wasn't completely nuts before requesting to join him. Now they can both provide the services they enjoy doing (Claude using his medical knowledge as a corner, and Edward using his detective skills and instincts as an investigator)

How you were Hired: Tracked him down after learning from rumors of what he was doing, before explaining what they were and how they could help. Because the business was small at the time and in need of a corner, James reluctantly accepted.

Note: The only way to tell Claude and Eddy apart is their accent. Where Claude speaks like your average Englishman (which he inherited from his father), Eddy speaks with a strong Irish accent (inherited from his mother).

01-20-2008, 06:47 PM

Name: Peter Tudor

Nickname: Stalker


Sex: Male

Age: 30

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: Peter is rather nondescript, about middling height and lightly muscled, with a slender build and short, sand-blond hair. His eyes are a fairly nondescript hazel, usually bloodshot and bleary from lack of sleep. He's usually dressed in casual attire, a white t-shirt and jeans, with a leather jacket over, although he changes clothing depending on the profile of his mission.

Weapons/Equipment: Peter is rather paranoid when it comes to the supernatural. He carries a chain festooned with various religious symbols - Crucifix, Star of David, Ankh, and various others. In a pocket below that, he has a silver dagger. On his right hip, covered by his jacket, he has a Jericho 941 holstered. His various permits are in a pocket in his jeans. He always carries three spare clips in his jacket, as well. Alongside them is a silver lighter with a small retractable blade on the bottom.

When he predicts he'll be fighting Vampires, he adds stakes to his jacket. Of course, all he really needs to do is get a sharpened table leg or similar.

He owns, but rarely carries, a .38 snub-nosed revolver and owns four silver bullets for it. In addition, he also has a pump-action shotgun and a box of Dragon's Breath shells. He does not carry it often, as it is quite bulky, and the shells are dangerous to carry.

In addition, he prides himself on his ability to quickly pull together the means to kill a monster, whether by sharpening a silver spoon or using a bottle of hairspray and a lighter to set a Vampire on fire.

Specialist Skills/Knowledge/Magic: Sharpshooter: He's a bloody good shot. He's practiced for years with his Jericho and can generally nail vital organs with every shot. Not that it's particularly valuable when fighting most supernatural creatures, although he does know means of harming Vampires with bullets - if you blow their knee apart, they can't really run until it regenerates.

Hand-to-Hand Combat Training: Whether fighting with his bare hands, knives, or a stake, he can generally hold his own, strength-wise, against most humans, and is fast enough to usually come out on top. Against supernatural creatures, he'll survive longer than the average human in hand-to-hand, although it's unlikely that he'll come out in a very healthy state.

Credit Fraud: Peter learned a long time ago that holding a real job and hunting are mutually exclusive. So he turned to various forms of theft before finally settling in with Credit Fraud. He's quite adept at it now.

Bio: He doesn't like talking about what's happened to him. Things that he does talk about is a very personal hatred of Vampires. He made contact with Third Eye during a coincidental simultaneous hunting of the same monster, the Vampire had been aware of Peter's presence, but not of the agent from Third Eye. While Peter and the Vampire were fighting, the agent from Third Eye took the Vampire from behind and staked him.

Things he will tell without prodding is that he's from Manchester, the Tudor family, and despises Vampires in general, and has been hunting for over a decade. However, after that, he'll usually close up and refuse to talk about it anymore.

Note: The Anonymous Third Eye Agent who assisted Peter could really be anyone or even multiple people, or just an NPC. Assuming Starmark has no objections, any of you could logically be it.

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Name: Katy Elliot
Nickname: Kate
Species: Human/Witch
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Alignment: Light

Appearance: Kate (http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2193/1785247210_00f3959c9b.jpg)

Weapons/Equipment: Pocket knife, a copy of the universal witch Pocket Magika, any spell components she needs at the time.

Specialist Skills/Knowledge/Magic:
Telekinesis: Can lift and move objects or people of up to 400lbs. Spell component: Dove Feather

Mirror Walk: Can walk through a mirror or reflective surface in a mile radius and come out on the other side of another mirror or reflective surface. The surface itself must be big enough for the spell subject to move through such as a mirror as tall and wide as Kate or a puddle as wide as her shoulders. Spell component: a blood offering

Charm: Allows the user to charm the target into being friendly and trusting, allowing Kate to seek information from the target. The target must have full eye contact with the user. Spell competent: A sprig of mistletoe.

Spirit Speak: User can summon and talk to spirits within a 100ft radius (that is if there's even a spirit to contact.) The spell must be done under complete concentration and can be interrupted by the smallest of distractions. If a targeted spirit is summoned the caster must have a item belonging to the spirit in life, such as an item of clothing or piece of valued jewelry. Spell component: Blood offering

Control/Create Fire: Caster can create a flame and control it in a burst or straight shot. Spell component: Sulfur

Weaknesses: Kate's ability to control magic doesn't come without a downfall. After exerting the amount of power for some spells she is left horribly weakened to the point of exhaustion, or even incapacitation.

Bio: Kate was born to a family of witches who brought her up and then abandoned her when she refuse to join in the ritual sacrificing. She couldn’t take another life and then tried to abandon her witch heritage, living on her own, working in a department store in London. But that was not easily done. Her family more than disowned her, they sent demon hunters after her. One day after getting off of work she was attacked by three demons just outside of her apartment building. She barely escaped with the use of her power that she swore to never use again.

How you were Hired: When she had lost all hope after countless close calls, she heard from a close friend about the Third Eye Investigation Company. She took her dilemma to the agency and they’ve been protecting her ever since. Although the hunters never stopped coming and her family seemed to have disappeared from London. She has since then traded the agencies protection for her own services as a witch an occult specialist.

Hope this works. Lemme know?

01-21-2008, 12:41 PM
I know of someone who displayed an interested in the Last slot so I’m going to close the Recruitment now and see if they are still interested in joining.

Those Who joined can work out their characters with other characters if you wish as it may help the beginning of the RP go Smoothly.

So you know the PI Office is on the Second Floor of 33 Leeds Street(not real) in the center of London. The office is made up of Four rooms a Lobby/reception that leads into the other three rooms, An Office that has a Desk and a Sofa on it, A Library full of Books on the Occult and Magic, and a small Lab For forensic work and magic castings.

I’ll probably begin in a couple of Days.

01-21-2008, 06:10 PM
Yup, I'm interested. :) Thanks, SM

Name: Joanne Feathers
Nickname: Jo
Species: Human
Sex: F
Age: 38
Alignment: Light
Appearance: Jo (http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/thumb/7/71/250px-Jo_frost.jpg)
Weapons/Equipment: Laptop, mobile phone, nail file, and large handbag with pretty much everything in it bar the kitchen sink.
Specialist Skills/Knowledge/Magic: Luck, Quick Reflexes, Secretarial skills
Weaknesses: N/A
Bio: Jo is a no-nonsense kind of woman. She has to be--she’s a single mum and a widow. Currently subsisting on her husband’s firemans’ pension, (ever since her husband died on duty while she was pregnant) she and her daughter Rachel have been living a quiet life in a modern new-build estate in a small suburban village just outside of London. Things were going great. Rachel had just enrolled in school, and Joan was thinking about finding herself a part-time job.

And then disaster struck. While on a trip to visit the London Eye, Rachel disappeared. Just…vanished without a trace from one of the capsules. One moment Rachel had had her nose pressed against the glass looking at Big Ben and Parliament, the next moment she was gone. The only clue was a coin with strange markings left on the floor near where Rachel had been standing. It’s been a few weeks now. The police have not found any trace of her, and are beginning to think Jo is crazy and has done something to her daughter.

Jo thinks it’s time for some lateral out-of-the-box thinking. Time for Third Eye Investigations.

How you were Hired: Not hired. Jo’s a client. :)

01-22-2008, 04:52 PM
Edit: Nevermind, I sent you a PM SM. :)

Edit: PM received, thank you starmark2k, tell me if you change your mind.

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Okay peeps I’m going to start this with a bit of a teaser before we get to the main plot, this won’t last long but is to show our characters positions in the firm. I.E Dania and Peter as the groups muscle.

It has begun Here (http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?p=2414499#post2414499)