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Zerimar Nyliram
01-22-2008, 11:44 PM
A simple question regarding this (http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Sith_Academy_Tweaks;85500) mod from Mr. Simon Beavis. Normally I'd ask the author myself, but the authors usually seem to be members of these boards, which usually insures a quick response when I PM them; but when the author give his e-mail address only, I've noticed that it tends to take them weeks to get back to me, if they even get back to me at all. And since I'll be playing Korriban tomorrow, I don't have time to wait that long.

But my question is simple enough: which lines must I edit into my appearance.2da file? Sorry, but I'm pretty new to all of this and I can't tell just by looking yet.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Oh, and it would be cool if someone could pick up on it and fix the bug where Yuthura doesn't wear her Dark Jedi robes at the academy or cantina as well, but that may be pushing it a bit. Just telling me which line I need to edit in is plenty.

Ferc Kast
01-23-2008, 07:21 AM
You would have to edit lines 280, 415, 432, 433, 434, 435, 442; It does say in the read me what you would need to edit it appearance.2da

Don't worry about it; We were all new once.