View Full Version : My droids have a bad motivator.

01-25-2008, 03:55 AM
I modified the appearance entries for some of the droids in Peragus to use the models C_DrdMineSm and C_DrdMineLg. With these models they will perform firing animations with their blasters, but no visible blaster bolts come out of them and my exile never takes any damage (she still does dodging animations, however, which looks rather silly). What's more, though the C_DrdMineSm model can at least do melee attacks properly and damage the exile that way, the C_DrdMineLg model freezes up in melee, and calmly awaits its doom thereafter.

The non-existent blaster bolt problem I'm thinking is an easy fix (though I've still no idea how to do it). Giving the C_DrdMineLg model some melee animations I understand would be much harder, if not impossible. However, I don't really care about the animation so much as proper behavior - that the game just act like its doing melee attacks (dealing damage to the exile and not making the droid freeze and such) even if it doesn't look like it would be fine.

So, any help?