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Star Wars
Jedi- The Purge Survivors

“I had just became a knight when it happened, when the traitor Anakin Skywalker marched through the halls of the Temple with his Clones and slaughtered all the Jedi he could find. My former master myself and six younglings hid at the beginning in the hope that we could get the word out before the slaughter reached the others, but it was to late.

So we decided to take the six younglings and get as far away from Coruscant as possible, ‘So the order could live on’ my master told me. This is why he sacrificed himself so I fulfil the charge of protecting those children, the future of all Jedi rested on their shoulders and mine.

Ten years had pass since that day, ten years I have trained the six younglings into Jedi and adulthood. Each has surpassed me in their own way and each are greater than I could ever be, but I am still their teacher, protector and friend…”

The Story
The RP takes place around ten years after the start of the Great Jedi Purge in the Rise of the Empire Era. You will play one of six younglings who have survived thanks to the actions of Kip Thadoden (my Character) and have grown into young but fairly powerful Jedi. The Six Jedi each have special aspects to their characters (see Positions).

Rules- Rp forum rules are standard.
no 'super' Characters
no killing Pcs without permission
Minimal Char Control (it’s unrealistic to rp without it creeping in)
Thread master controls all 'plot sensitive' Npcs
7 day Absence rule- don’t post for seven days your character becomes a NPC until you return.
No one liners


The Consular- “Zivon Zabaleta seems to grow more powerful in the force everyday and seems to use it with ease, he/she has a thirst for knowledge and wisdom that would’ve seen him/her sitting on the council one day.”

The Guardian- “Rayne Sheenstar is the greatest swordsman I have ever seen, be it with any melee weapon or lightsaber he/she uses it like he/she was born with one attached to his/her hands.”

The Healer- “Bist Lennok Possesses such empathy for all living thing it has developed into a power of healing. Like no other in the history of the Jedi or the galaxy as a whole he/she has honed this skill to bring those on the brink of death back to the mortal world.”

The Shadow “I often worry about Farran Dask, he is often under the control of his emotions when it should be the other way round. Never entering the dark he stays in the shadowy twilight in between both sides of the force. Perhaps the strongest of the four but he’ll never know his potential until he learns control.”

The Infant “Calinn Jarrad has always been hesitant in using his/her abilities, doubting her own skills. He/She has great potential but does not seem to use it, much like how I once was.”

The Child of Nature “Valim Shorr has a unique gift in the force I had not even heard of before. He/She is connected to the natural world that surrounds him/her more than another Jedi before. Flora and Fauna react to her will like they were apart of his/her very being.”

Character Sheet

Position: (See above)
Name: (John Doe, Jane doe, etc)
Species: (Human, Zabrak, etc. Star Wars canon only)
Sex: (Male or female)
Age: 18 or 17 for ‘The Infant’

Appearance: (Pic or description)

Weapons/Equipment: (Lightsabers, weapons, tools, etc.)

Bio: (History and personality)(What other Character would already know about yours. Part of the fun of these RPs is discovering the past)

Note: The Last ten years have been spent moving place to place lying low while Kip has trained the younglings.
__________________________________________________ ___

Position: Protector
Name: Kip Thadoden
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 29

Appearance: (http://scifipedia.scifi.com/images/b/b8/Robertpatrick.jpg)

Weapons/Equipment: Single Yellow Lightsaber, Small hold out blaster

Bio: Taken to the Jedi at infancy Kip was not an exceptional youngling while he trained under the Masters at the Jedi Temple. He was not superiorly skilled with a Lightsaber, diplomacy or control with the force but he had an average ability with each one.

When it came to him being chosen by a knight to train as a Padawan he was chosen by a Mirial by the name of Stap Toe Gomer. The Jedi told the young Padawan that he saw more potential in Kip and that he was the one to bring it out of him. Gomer held to his word and managed to show his Padawan the power within himself.

Kip was knighted on his nineteenth birthday, one week before the Clone Wars end. He was at the academy aiding his former master in training a small group of younglings when the Clones began slaughtering Jedi. Gomer and Kip both managed to smuggle the Younglings out in a shuttle but the master took it on himself to hold the clones back allowing the New knight and children to escape. Gomer died doing this but still appears before his former Padawan as a ghost to Guide him through the dark times.

After stowing away on a transport to get off Coruscant he began the task of training the younglings and protecting them. He makes his money by taking manual labour Jobs so he could buy his charges food, water, clothing and even parts so they could build lightsabers. Kip has always been true to teaching the Jedi Ways, However he has had little opportunity to practice it as fear of being discovered has held him back. Kip has never stayed in one place too long to aid in their chances of remaining anonymous.

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Position: The Shadow
Name: Farran Dask
Species: Unknown near-human
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Appearance: Image: Farran Dask (http://www.thesportshernia.com/football/images/brady.jpg)

Weapons/Equipment: single lightsaber (http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o281/wildjedi/saber.jpg?t=1202678480), with a jade colored blade, usually hidden away in his boot (note below); personal comlink (though he often switches it off); cortosis-laced knife, though no one is quite sure where he picked it up

Bio: Farran Dask was born aboard a luxury cruise ship on which his parents won tickets. They were thrilled because it also offered them a chance to move. They’d always dreamed of living on Coruscant, and so when the cruise reached the city-planet, they simply got off, took their baby boy with them and set up a life there. Farran was four years old before the Jedi discovered him.

His discovery happened when, at four years of age, he ran away from home. A Jedi found him and when asked where his parents were, Farran lied that they were dead. The Jedi was not convinced, but he offered Farran a new life, which the boy eagerly accepted. Later, his parents were discovered and informed that their son was in training to become a Jedi. Initially, they reacted in selfishness, wanting their son back. So for four months when he was five, Farran lived with his parents.

When he returned to the Jedi, he was more rebellious than before and it took constant watchful eyes to keep him in line. He was devoted to the Jedi... he just wasn’t convinced of all their ways. His doubts concerning the Council and the Code were overwhelmed when he was eight years old and Anakin Skywalker marched with clone soldiers to destroy the Jedi Order. His rage built up and he would have attacked Skywalker if it had not been for the intervention of Kip Thadoden.

Over the course of the last ten years, Farran has been more reluctant to accept training from Kip. However, he recognizes that Kip is the most logical source of training. After all, as he has so deeply convinced himself, the way of the Emperor and Vader is far from what he wants for his own life. Still, he finds himself often driven by emotion, and he can trace that straight back to the years before his introduction to Jedi training, and the two months he lived with his parents during that time.

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I'm in as, 'The Child of Nature,' give me a moment to post/edit a char. sheet.

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Position: The Infant
Name: Calinn Jarrad
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 17

Appearance: (http://img216.imageshack.us/img216/5400/ewcrop01oe4.png) Long brown hair, delicate features.

Weapons/Equipment: Golden lightsaber, requisite Jedi accoutrement

Bio: Calinn had always been a timid youngster, ever since she'd been left on the steps of the Jedi Temple as a confused two-year old toddler. The Jedi quickly discovered that she was strong in the Force and put her through as a Padawan. Calinn did her best at whatever she was tasked with, but never pushed herself beyond her limits. Often introverted, she had few friends amongst her fellow Padawans, mostly keeping to herself.

After being rescued by Kip, she has spent the past ten years with her fellow survivors, learning the ways of the Force through Kip. She is still quite introverted, and very hesitant to use her powers.

Darth Kalverys
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I'll be the Healer... just give me a few minutes to make a character sheet.

Position: Healer
Name: Jason Shan
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 18

Appearance: http://i190.photobucket.com/albums/z185/Kunoichi_in_training3402/Sasuke.jpg

Weapons/Equipment: Double-Bladed Silver lightsaber, med-packs, bacta, and other medical necessities.

Bio: Jason is one of the decendants of Revan and Bastila Shan... little is known about him, other than the fact that he is an excellent healer and has even had the ability to bring someone back from a near death experience.

Jason was born on the planet of Naboo, but the Jedi almost immeadiately found about him, even though his parents had stayed incognito. He was raised in the Jedi Temple from the time he was 2 months old till the time when Anakin ravaged it. He had just taken off on a mission the Council had given him when the Clone Troopers attacked him. Thankfully, it was simply a recon mission and there were no troopers stationed to go with him... later on he recieved a message from Obi-Wan and Yoda to not return to the Temple, because it was a trap. Jason took refuge on his home planet of Naboo.

Later still, he returned to the Jedi Temple to view the damage and attempt to stop the Galatic Empire from rising.

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Position: The Consular
Name: Zivon Zabaleta
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 18

Appearance: Set, silver eyes with neatly combed hair of the same tone. His face is sharp and jaw strong, but it still holds the softness of one in search of knowledge. He stands at "6'2, and wears his knight robes at most times.

Weapons/Equipment: Two single bladed silver sabers, a datapad with as much of the old histories as possible, an all-in-one mini-excavation kit, and a medical/mineral analyzer.

Bio: Zivon has an insatiable hunger to know everything about everything. He sometimes has been known to skip meals just to get that extra bit of info in, and he's likely to starve if someone isn't there to tear the datapad from his fingers. If he doesn't know something about it, it doesn't or shouldn't exist. That's not to say he's a know it all. He's very kind and quiet person, and only corrects when something is seriously wrong.

Rogue Nine
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Position: The Guardian
Name: Rayne Sheenstar
Species: Half-Kiffar
Sex: Male
Age: 18

Appearance: http://img134.imageshack.us/img134/1492/jpicture01hh4.png

Weapons/Equipment: Bronze lightsaber, standard Jedi equipment

Bio: Rayne has matured into an able young Jedi in the decade following the Great Jedi Purge. Honing his energies into his study of lightsaber combat, he has become exceedingly proficient at it. Of course, his practice is all theory and sparring with his fellow survivors, never having had the opportunity to do it in earnest, as Kip has kept them well hidden from the rest of the galaxy and more importantly, the Empire.

He is outgoing and affable, having adapted to life on the run as well as can be expected. Being as able as he is with a lightsaber, he aids Kip in looking out for potential threats and dangers as they move around from place to place.

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Age for youngling characters is 18... The only person with an option is the infant who can be 17 if they wish. Sorry if I wasn't clearer on this point.

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Sorry this took so long to get up, I was having 'technical' difficulties.

Position: 'The Child of Nature'
Name: Valim Shorr
Species: Zelosian
Sex: Male
Age: 18

Appearance: 6'1.5", though he likes to add that extra half inch to make himself as tall as Zivon. His hair is thin, and silk-like, roached back into plaits, his hair is a natural green through a genetic defect. He has one Amber eye, and one violet, which is extremely rare in both cases, as almost all Zelosians have emerald green eyes, and a heterochromia Zelosian is even more rare. Though this is believed to be a side effect of his genetic defect, though how a Zelosian has genetic defects is uncertain. He's very svelte, and has a lanky, if not lithe and sinewy appearance. He's got the features of a young, but relatively handsome, boy. He has no robes, and wears a simple white sleeveless shirt, with khaki shorts, and a pair of sandal-like shoes, with long tube socks coming almost up to his knees. Most consider his attire strange, at best.

Weapons/Equipment: Two Tonfa Sabers, one Cyan, the other Viridian; Standard Jedi Equipment; Drawing Datapad; Specialized Electro Goggles (see Bio); An egg shaped canister he carries a special 'pet' plant in.

Bio: Valim was discovered by fluke one could say, he was found wondering in the middle of a park on Coruscant, just simply staring at a flower, two padawans found him, and after playing with him, took the strange child back to the enclave with them. And though it took awhile, the Jedi discovered his connection to the force. At this time he was barely just three, and from all aspects had been an orphan most, if not all of his life, as could be told by the fact that he could barely walk, and couldn't talk at all.

His learning progressed slowly, though how well he actually fared with the different training is only known by himself. His natural connection to nature has always been thought to be because he was Zelosian, though that has actually been disproved.

At age eight Valim was in classes one year below what he should have been, though whether this was connected to his earlier problem of late growth and mental development is unknown. All that can be said is that he was allowed to observe, and even participate with a group of children who were his age, other than one, and he did this regularly. He believes that the jedi had been trying to move him into his own age group, so that his learning wouldn't be behind for the rest of his youth. But he had no time to confirm this, as one day where he was observing the group, the clones attacked, and he was taken with the group by the Jedi Knight Kip.

He grew up trying to compete with kids one year his better, and in his eyes, ten times smarter. As he grew stronger in the force, he developed strangely to most, he seemed distant at times when they weren't training, and always hung around plants, looking at them, and studying them, sometimes he would be found talking to them. But as time passed, this too changed and he became more sociable, and even more confident as well. And he showed signs of a strange ability through the force to wield and bend nature to his will with greater and greater ease, as time went on. By only eleven he was competing equally with the other kids his age, without issue, other than his mentality, which was strange to say the least, though it's not childish, or child-like.

Valim a has simple, if not strange personality. He likes solitude and anonymity, though that's not to say he's antisocial. He has a quiet, and almost small voice that sounds almost like a breeze, though he talks loud enough to be heard in all cases. He's warm and compassionate, and though he often stays by himself, he welcomes, and even loves company. He's always got an ear to listen, and a shoulder to cry/lean on, and a hand to help. He's always friendly, and is very patient, and it is one of the rarest things in the galaxy to find him without a smile, or even showing emotions like sorrow, and anger. He is very artistic, and can be found drawing anything in nature; plants, animals, landscapes, even the sky, and when he can't draw those he draws people and still-lifes. He does however have one quirk that most find weird, if not annoying at times, and that is his almost natural want for affection, almost like a plant itself, he seeks out any opportunity to get a pat on the back, praise, or even a hug if he can manage it. He also craves humor.

To explain his goggles, his species are absolutely blind at night, and his goggles create special electric currents through the already yellow lense, which mimics sunlight, allowing him a kind of fake sight in the dark, though that's not to say he can't use the force to see.

[Hope this is all okay.]

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Rueben Shan can you beef up your Bio a bit so we know what your character is like personality wise.

Once that's done i'll get this started.

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Rueben shan did you read the open prologue or are you choosing to ignor it?

I ask this because your bio goes completely against what I had put in it. Your character was at the Temple when the Clones attacked and your character was eight (why would an eight year-old be sent on a mission?), this RP is set ten years after that.

Also in my last post I asked you to add something on the personality, which you didn’t do either. Please sort it out so I can start this.

Edit- Well from the Conversations i've had with other people I'm not the only one annoyed with this. So I'm sorry to say you're kicked tomake room forsomeone who doesn't waste Time and energy

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Position: Healer
Name: Bist Lennok
Species: Lannik
Sex: Male
Age: 18

Appearance: Picture (http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a116/Goshman/Chars/Art/Lannik_NEGAS.jpg)

Weapons/Equipment: Short lightsaber with a blue dual-phase blade and underwater capability, standard jedi equipment, hold-out blaster

Bio: The Lannik boy's life began when his parents ran from a criminal organization and ended up on Coruscant to give birth to Bist. He managed to live up to the age of three before being noticed by the Jedi Order and taken in as a youngling and quite at the right time as well because the criminal organization had managed to catch up with the fleeing Lannik and only a day after being taken, Bist's parents were found dead in their home in the lower levels of Coruscant. After that there was no turning back in any way and the boy was taken in by the Jedi for good. There he found that even if he were to become a small humanoid, he would not be the only one and found Yoda to be of great inspiration. Bist began dreaming of a life as a Consular like Yoda, but it soon turned out that he was not able to connect with the force like the rest of his clan and it seemed for while that he was the weakest in the clan until one of them got a terrible wound in training. By instinct the very young boy managed to use the Force enough to heal the worst wounds before the proper healers could get to the scene.

After this event the teacher of their clan began driving the boy to become a healer and eventually he did agree with this but nonetheless attempted to push himself into excelling in the rest of the Jedi arts like lightsaber combat so he could at some point become a padawan instead of being put straight in with the healers. He couldn't even show himself to the possible masters before the Jedi Order came crumbling down along with the Republic. Bist found himself for one reason or another hiding with several other younglings and a Jedi Knight.

Once in hiding Bist began to take his healing powers seriously and began training in Form VI of lightsaber combat alongside with the Form I and Sokan form that the clan's teacher had been teaching him in before the Order's collapse. By the time he reached the age of eighteen, he was a good way on the road to becoming a master of Form VI. At no point he managed to make quite the same connection with the Force than the others and as so is weaker in general Force powers, but instead has become even more powerful as a healer. He began making studies into the warrior culture of his own species and integrated it into the Jedi Codes as well, becoming a formidable enemy in combat due to his cunning and ruthlessly calculative mind. Nonetheless he finds himself shunned from combat most of the time because the rest of the youngling group believe that he is more important as a healer, a matter he rebels against constantly.

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