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02-09-2008, 01:20 PM
I want to change the beginning classes for a bigger mod in progress. Right now I have the standard Soldier, Scout, and Scoundrel. This is all part KOTOR I and this is what I want.
Name: KOTOR My Mod
Soldier = Jedi Guardian
Scout = Jedi Sentinel
Scoundrel = Jedi Consular
Jedi Guardian = Jedi Master
Jedi Consular = Sith Lord
Jedi Sentinel = Dark Jedi
* Is this possible?
* If it isnít then is it possible to make the Soldier, Scout, and Scoundrel classes obtain the Force and Force Powers like the Jedi classes?
* Can I add new classes for instance:
Trooper Class:
Jedi Class:
Jedi Guardian
Jedi Consular
Jedi Sentinel
Great Force Class:
Jedi Watchman
Jedi Weapon Master
Jedi Master
Sith Assassin
Sith Marauder
Sith Lord
Also by going to (BIFs > templates.bif > Blueprint, Character) anywhere in this folder you can change the properties of almost every character and creature in the game. Can I indevidually change what the possible models have, the models when you start a new game and select what class and portrait you want. You can change the other character such as Bastila and Carth but I canít find the main player models.
Any help will be appreciated as always.