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On the distant world of Sedria, war has become a part of everyday life, the great armies exchanging fire across the shattered urban cityscapes and vast, open plains as each nation struggles for dominance.

One group, however, has set it's sights on more lofty goals, if impractical. The tiny nation of Atolia, buried deep in the Imperial Heartland, has dispatched a unit of it's best to investigate a spatial anomaly deep within the Sedrian Empire. Six Walkers, powerful bipedal machines of war, as well as one squad of Powered Armor. These fearless warriors approach the unknown, not aware that this mission will shape the future of not only this world, but many others.

The Machines of War:

(Although it is probably best that you do, it is not necessary that you read this. However, you will better understand. Skip to the bottom if you just want to make your sheet.)

Treadless Tanks, known in pilot parlance as Walkers, have redefined warfare on the world of Sedria. Blending the power of infantry and tank, these Walkers are capable of rapidly moving across even the harshest terrain, while still carrying more than enough firepower to rival even the most advanced main battle tank. There are numerous variants, varying in size between nine feet and fifteen feet, weighing between ten and thirty tons. Most walkers are rated for hostile environments including space and underwater up to a pressure of five hundred feet.

Main Battle Tanks are the workhorse of the Sedrian Armies. Capable of hauling far more firepower, although not in as good of terrain or as quickly as the Walkers, Main Battle Tanks are the King of the Battlefield - when they can get to the battlefield. Their lack of manueverability and speed is compensated by heavy armor plating. Calthis deploys Tanks far more than anything else. Some tanks are capable of Amphibious movement, but this is a rare and expensive upgrade.

Powered Armor Units: The other side of the coin from the Treadless Tank - while the Walker combines traits of Infantry and Tank, it remains more Tank than Infantry. Powered Armor units, on the other hand, are more infantry than tank. The powered armor is capable of deflecting railgun shells to some degree, and augments the wearer's strength, allowing him to haul far more. Powered Armor is also rated for hostile environments, such as extreme heat, extreme cold, space, poisonous and corrosive gases and fluids, and contains a complete NBC shielding for protection from Biological and Chemical agents, as well as radiation and underwater up to two hundred feet. Powered Armor is rare, however, only deployed by Atolia and Sedria.

Infantry are the weakest piece on the battlefield. Although with sustained fire, they can bring down everything from Powered Armor Units to Walkers and Tanks, their individual power is insignificant compared to their larger opponents. Despite this, all sides field large numbers of infantry in battle. Mortality rate for the average infantryman in a large scale battle is extremely high, and it is not unknown for whole regiments to be obliterated in a single battle.

Hovercraft: The only effective, rapid means of transporting Tanks or Walkers across intercontinental distances is with the Hovercraft. With the best variants capable of reaching 200 MPH while hauling 150 tons. They operate using an air cushion, allowing them amphibious movement.

Aircraft: Aircraft are dominated by the Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) Jets, which can reach a speed of Mach Eleven. Inertial Dampening systems within the craft allow the pilot to remain conscious and healthy even at this incredible speed. Although they are outfitted with a nose-mounted railgun, the primary weapon are Heat-seeking missiles - Aircraft tend to only get one shot, as if they slow down, even an infantryman can tear them to shreds.

The other Aircraft type are transports. These come in two variants. Jumpcraft clutch a pair of Walkers or one Main Battle Tank in their underside claws, as well as being able to haul four passengers in addition to the Pilot and Co-Pilot. Landers are much broader than Jumpcraft and carry units of Infantry or Powered Armor, up to thirty Infantry or fifteen Powered Armor. These are also sometimes used to haul cargo.

Naval Craft: These come in four main types, in addition to tenders, tankers, and various other suppliers. Aircraft Carriers serve an obvious purpose. They also act as mobile communications and sensor suites. Destroyers protect the Carriers from other Naval craft as well as providing artillery support to ground troops, Cruisers act as both Anti-Aircraft warships and deploy long-range guided missiles, some outfitted with nuclear warheads. Lastly, the Submarine, which serves a twofold purpose. Some are armed with guided missile launchers, often nuclear, and some armed with powerful torpedoes for disrupting naval supply lines and attacking hostile fleets.

The Book of Armaments:

Sedrian warfare is based around railgun technology. Propelling everything from standard infantry assault rifles to the main assault weapon of the Behemoth Tank. They propel a ceramic and/or metal shell along a set of magnetized rails, their speed determined by the length of the rails and the power source. The old standby on Sedria, the RG-54, propels a ceramic spike with steel sabots at a rate of five times the speed of sound. These advancements have made even infantry capable of delivering devastating damage to Tanks and Walkers. Walker and Tank railguns are exponentially more powerful. In addition, these weapons have massive range and are more than capable of shooting down aircraft.

Tanks are sometimes equipped with more traditional shells outfitted with a tactical nuclear warhead. Tanks are only equipped with these under special circumstances, as these are volatile, dangerous weapons to use. These are never equipped on Walkers, as the Walker's movement could potentially detonate the high explosives surrounding the plutonium core.

Ablative Armor is the only known way to defeat a railgun shell. When a railgun shell penetrates a layer of armor, explosives behind it will detonate, deforming the plate and deflecting the shell. It doesn't always work, but Walker and Tank mounted railguns are capable of penetrating even the heaviest armor. Ablative Armor is the only known means of defeating a tank-mounted railgun shell.

One of the factions on Sedria, the Republic of Atolia, has deployed Walkers outfitted with weaponized X-Ray Lasers. These new weapons are capable of defeating the Ablative Armor on Walkers, Mechs, and various fixed emplacements, thus making them a deadly foe. This technology has allowed the outnumbered and outgunned Republic of Atolia to weather attacks by Sedria and Rhinar.

As Railguns are near-impossible to use as anything but a line-of-sight weapon, many Walkers are also equipped with weapons like grenade launchers and heat-seeking missiles.

In addition, many are outfitted with dumbfire missiles. Railguns are ineffective against groupings of infantry and are nearly incapable of destroying bases and such, as they will simply punch straight through. These rockets are intended for such situations, as they are outfitted with powerful warheads, more than capable of desolation.

Radiological, Biological, and Chemical weapons have seen use in previous wars, and although several treaties forbid their use, many nations still possess vast quantities of such weapons.

Nuclear Weapons are possessed by the Empire alone. However, the plutonium and uranium supply on Sedria is painfully low, and many of their warheads have been scrapped for their fissionable materials for use in the Empire's nuclear power plants.

Capital Warships are outfitted with traditional railguns, ranging from Walker-size guns to guns that dwarf the weapons on Main Battle Tanks.

Politics on Sedria

Sedria is a place of byzantine politics and frequent warfare. With five major nations with constantly shifting alliances and near-equal strength on the field, peace is an unreachable goal, or so it is said.

Sedrian Empire: Sedria was the dominant nation on Sedria two hundred years ago, controlling the planet from pole to pole, even establishing lunar colonies on Sedria's two moons. However, a line of increasingly inept Emperors caused the world to slip through their fingers. Now, they are still the largest nation on Sedria, controlling nearly all of Erane. Their present leader, Empress Thana, has taken a defensive policy, determined to hold onto what they have left. They have not been involved in a war for over thirty years, an incredible peace. However, this peace was shattered after a Confederacy assault on their border, and they have made alliance with Rhinar to fight the Confederacy.

Republic of Atolia: Atolia is the smallest nation, with a small force largely consisting of Walkers. Before 361, they were part of Sedria. However, the local military uncovered a forgotten blueprint for X-Ray lasers and, after outfitting a prototype unit with the new technology, seceded from Sedria. Their new X-Rays obliterated the Sedrian attempt to reclaim them. Due to their distaste for anything remotely resembling Sedria, they discarded the Totalitarian rule for a representative democracy. Each of the thirteen districts elects a Councilman or Councilwoman, and the Council elects a President from their number. They are at peace, but watch the war with unease.

Kingdom of Rhinar: The Kingdom of Rhinar was a political body within Sedria for centuries, a subunit, even allowed to govern itself. Following the revolt by Calthis, the King of Rhinar revolted against Sedrian rule violently, slaughtering the local Imperial Bureaucracy and declared himself Lord of Sedria. This declaration proved to be more than premature, as a Sedrian counterattack defeated his expansionary forces before they were able to establish a foothold. Sedria and Rhinar have warred violently in the past hundred and thirty years since Rhinar's revolution, but the political borders have changed little. Rhinar and Sedria reached an uneasy truce recently and are attacking the Confederacy.

Confederated Nations of Sedria (CNS): A loose alliance of over thirty minor nations in the southern hemisphere of Sedria, they are extremely land-hungry. These small nations did not openly secede from Sedrian rule until sixty years ago, but had essentially stonewalled the local Imperial Bureaucracy for the better part of ten years of military buildup. With nations actively seceding faster than the Empire could count them, these problems were mostly ignored. Then, the Confederacy appeared, launching a massive invasion into southern Sedria, seizing twelve percent of Sedria's remaining landmass before they dug in and weathered the Sedrian counterattack. The Confederacy is extremely hostile to Rhinar and Sedria, but has entreatied Atolia several times to join them. Atolia has never responded. The Confederation grows ever greater as minor nations join it. It gladly accepts these into their union, granting each a representative at their Grand Convocation. However, only members of the original thirty ever ascend to the Chancellorship. At the moment, The Confederacy is at war with Sedria and Rhinar.

Calthis: Calthis is the oldest of the Secessionist nations and the largest, rivalling Sedria Prime. It stands in the Eastern hemisphere, fielding a primarily tank battalion as it's terrain is dominately desert, plains, and small hills, with no need for the All-Terrain Walkers. Calthis was originally a minor subunit within Sedria, but upon it's revolt, the falling domino that started the fall of the Sedrian Empire, an Imperial Military Commander brought his force of Walkers, Tanks, and infantry to Calthis and joined them. Calthis now controls the entire Torea continent and has a foothold in the eastern edge of Erane. The Calthian Government is dominated by the military, led by a military dictator, the Governor-General. They are watching the conflict between the Sedria-Rhinar alliance and the Confederacy, seeing this as the possibility to throw down their enemies and take control of Sedria once and for all.

A Timeline of Sedrian Affairs.

Year 1: Sedria is colonized by explorers from Earth. They land in what is now Sedria Prime.

Year 5: Communications link with Earth is lost. All efforts fail to restore it. 1/3 of the Colonial Guard leaves Sedria and returns to Earth. They are never seen again.

Year 13: The Sedrian Council for Interstellar Affairs determines that they are unlikely to re-establish contact with Earth in the near future.

Year 20: The Sedrian Colony is renamed Sedria Prime.

Year 53: Colonial Expansion increases by a great deal. Small nations that would become Rhinar and Calthis eventually are formed.

Year 117: Sedria Prime stamps out a Rhinar rebellion and absorbs it completely.

Year 130: Calthis and several minor nations form a mutual defense treaty against Sedria.

Year 133: Calthis is assaulted by a Sedrian force. The Coalition attacks Sedria, forcing the assault to retreat.

Year 136: After a long and bitter war, a peace agreement is reached.

Year 150: Sedria Prime's Oligarchy is replaced with a military dictator. Massive military buildup.

Year 172: After a 22 year long buildup, Sedria Prime begins a crusade across Sedria.

Year 174: Erane is completely conquered.

Year 176: The Coalition, with the exception of Calthis, surrenders. All that remains to face Sedria is the Torea Continent, dominated by Calthis.

Year 190: Frustrated by Calthis' stubbornness, they deploy strategic nuclear weapons and obliterate Calthis' urban centers.

Year 191: Torea is annexed.

Year 200: In honor of the 200th anniversary of their arrival on Sedria, Sedria Prime renames itself the Sedrian Empire.

Year 221: The Walker is deployed in a test, to wide approval. Revealed along this is the new Railgun technology, based on centuries-old Earth prototypes.

Year 266: The citizens of the now-tiny province of Calthis begin a military buildup. Other Torean nations do the same.

Year 272: Calthis revolts against Imperial Rule and drives them off Torea.

Year 290: Rhinar rebels, King declares himself Lord of Sedria, expansion effort defeated.

Year 299: Rhinar joins forces with Calthis and launches a joint assault on Sedria. Sedria defeats the attacks, but loses much ground to their combined forces. Calthis gains control of the Amber Shores.

Year 330: What would become the Confederacy begins it's military buildup.

Year 340: The Confederacy rebels against Sedria.

Year 348: A brief lull in the fighting, as all the nations declare a truce with Sedria. This begins the more byzantine era of shifting alliances.

Year 350: Sedria breaks the truce with a surprise assault on Confederate Lines with Nuclear-Equipped Battle Tanks. The Confederate lines are driven back, and war returns in earnest.

Year 352: Rhinar joins the war on Confederate sides and forces Sedrian lines to a halt.

Year 353: After a year of fighting, Sedria begins losing ground.

Year 355: Calthis launches an all-out assault on Rhinar's flank, forcing their forces to retreat. The vastly larger force of Sedria soundly defeats an all-out Confederate assault.

Year 357: Atolian Scientists uncover ancient blueprints for an X-Ray Laser. Prototypes are constructed.

Year 361: With the completion of a prototype X-Ray outfitted Walker Unit, Atolia declares itself independent and throws back the Sedrian efforts to reclaim them.

Year 370: Sedria's Long Peace begins as the new Empress attempts to repair the political damage her ancestors have done.

Year 399: The Confederacy begins it's great war against Rhinar.

Year 400: While celebrating the 30th year of peace for their nation, Empress Thana is shot. Her daughter, Princess Rhia, ascends to the throne and quickly becomes a puppet for the warmonger factions.

Year 401: Rhinar turns to Sedria and suggests an alliance. Sedria accepts and assaults the Confederacy. The Confederacy begins losing ground. Calthis watches.

Year 402: Present Day. The Confederacy has dug in and is holding the lines against the Alliance. They are at a standoff.

A Glossary of Terms:

Sedria: The Planet. Sedria is named after the Secretary General of the United Nations who funded the Sedria Project, Enrique Sedro.

Erane: The Westernmost continent, and the largest, containing Sedria, Atolia, most of Rhinar, and the Amber Beach, which is controlled by Calthis. Connected by a narrow land bridge to Cadya. Named after Elizabeth Erania, the first person to step on Mars.

Cadya: The smallest continent, named after Vladimir Cadislov, the first human to leave the Solar System, is dominated by the Confederates, with only a thin spar of Rhinar occupation along the northern section.

Torea: The Easternmost continent, home of Calthis. Rich in iron, tungsten, and oil. Named after the first President of the Sedrian Council for Planetary Affairs, Janet Tore.

Character Sheets:



Age: (Over 18, below 50)

Rank: (This is a little complicated. Atolia, the nation we're with, uses United States Marine Corps ranks for it's Walkers and Powered Armor units. The units will be commanded by a Major and a Captain. There is space for a pair of Lieutenants, but they are not necessary. Other than that, everyone should be NCOs.

Unit Designation: (The Groups are broken into two units. Alpha, which is the walkers, and Bravo, which is the Powered Armor. The Major commands the Walkers, and as such is Alpha 1. So, for example, if you're playing the Lieutenant of Bravo Squad, you would be Bravo 2. After 1 and 2, it doesn't really matter, other than for when the groups split up.

Non-Standard Skills: (Walker Pilots will obviously be good pilots, and Powered Armor soldiers will be skilled in shooting people. This is other stuff. Mechanics, medical, explosives, etc. Max of two.

Equipment: (Stuff on your person. Include the obvious, like a Railgun or Laser Rifle if you're Powered Armor. Do not include the equipment on your Walker if you're playing a Pilot, as that is standardized.)



My character sheet will be going up in about a day.

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Well, that took longer than I had anticipated. Not that it appears to have made much of a difference.

Name: Marcus Wyatt

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Rank: Corporal
Unit Designation: Bravo Five

Non-Standard Skills: Explosives, Mechanics

Equipment: RG-54 Assault Rifle, Pistol, utility knife, military rations and water, various mechanical tools, implosion charges, explosive entry shaped charges.

Appearance: Marcus is rather short, only 5'7, but broad and stout. His hair is dark and close-trimmed, and his skin is pale, as he's spent most of the recent time outdoors in his Power Armor. He tends to keep his gear scrupulously clean, cleaning his rifle, pistol, and armor. He's personally applied a forest camoflauge paint to all his equipment. He's heavily muscled and keeps his face cleanly shaved. His eyes are a non-descript brown.

History: Marcus' history is surprisingly dull for a member of Atolian Special Operations. Born in the capital city of Atolia, Atol, he led a fairly dull family life apart from displaying
traces of pyromania. At eighteen, he enlisted, as is custom given Atolia's embattled state, and quickly decided he would make this his career. His natural talents led him to being selected for the Powered Infantryman Program, and he quickly distinguished himself, particularly in explosives training. At twenty-one, he was a full member of the Powered Armor branch of the Atolian Marines. Over the past six years, he has served with distinction, earning the rank of Corporal at 24, and he's said to be approaching a promotion soon.