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02-27-2008, 11:04 PM
It is a dark time for the galaxy. The Holy Tanarian Empire, the dominant power in the galaxy, has destroyed the whole of the Sol system, as well as any human colonies within the galaxy. Then, they proceeded to kill any human they come into contact with, and now, there is only one they know of who has escaped them. But he is determined to put an end to their genocide once and for all...

Ok, for your characters, you may use any race you can think of, except human, as there is only one known human left in existence, and I'm playing as him. Aside from that, you are restricted to three characters.

John Davison
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 36
Homeworld: Earth (destroyed)
Bio: Being the sole survivor of the Human Genocide, Davison has become adept at not being found, because he knows that if the Tanarians find him, they will kill him, and then there will no evidence that the human race ever existed, and nothing to stop them from wiping out another species without need. His ship, The Last Hope is equipped with a cloaking device, radar jammer, and numerous other modifications to keep the Tanarians from finding him.

03-12-2008, 06:48 PM
This sounds a bit like a Star Trek thing. I just want to be sure if it was related to Star Wars or not before I develop a character.

03-12-2008, 07:12 PM
No, this has nothing to do with Star Trek or Star Wars, and is set in an original sci-fi universe.

03-13-2008, 12:30 PM
Ok I needed clarification on that. I think I have an alien species. I originally created it for my Star Wars fic but haven't used it yet so I think it will help. I have also another type but never gave it a name so I can take two. Here they are:

Name: Zeyphr
Species: Ikriat
Age: 99 in human years but in Ikriat it is 19
Homeworld: Ikria in the Orion galaxy
Appearance: A furry, semi quadrapedal creature that is white but the fur can change colors to blend in with their surroundings. Large floppy ears are a distinguishing feature for this creature in this life cycle and it has a long tail with a tuft of fur at the end. It's fore feet are adapted for picking up things and manipulating them and their claws are razor sharp for use in defense.
Zeyphr is an unusual Ikriat in that he is intellient when it comes to engineering and mechanics. His nimble fingers enable him to whip up an encription code in an instant and pilot a ship. Deemed an outcast of his people, he travels with Nymphadora, a female Anatolian. Zephyr is responsible for some advanced shielding modifications to the ship as well as a cloaking device to mask ion trails. At his current age, he is nearing the end of his first life cycle on the journey towards enlightenment.

Name: Nymphadora
Species: Anatolian
Age: 27
Homeworld: Anatolia
Appearance: A misleading human appearance except for the ridges on the brow that give the impression that she frowning. Shoulder length, thick dark hair and dark brown eyes and ears that look like they had been sheared into a point. She wears the jewel of her people in her right ear, an earring with an ear cuff. On the back of her neck at its base is a small ridge of bumps. A small tattoo on her right hand indicates her family and status.
Bio: Born of a race of warriors and artists, Nymphadora comes from a long line of blood and carnage as well as the beautiful. Plagued by the loss of her family at the hands of the enemy, Nymphadoa travels the galaxy in a mad quest for vengeance. Skilled in hand to hand and weapons combat she fought for her existence as she traveled from planet to planet looking for the ones responsible for her family's death. It was on Ikria that she met Zeyphr who showed her how to channel her anger into something worthwhile. When she left he accompanied her. Together they traveled the lanes smuggling goods to those that sought refuge on other planets. She and Zeyphr ended up meeting a Human who would later join their crew.
She possesses the lost art of Illuminae, the telepathic and telekinetic abilities of her people. This ability as only been present in the Elders of her people, the council of Anatolia. She discovers it during her travels with the Human and Zeyphr.

03-17-2008, 01:52 PM
Species: Monolith
Sex: Male Programming
Age: 4,200,000 years old (sorta middle aged for a Monolith)
Click here (http://download.funshop.co.kr/vs/products_/0000000752/matrix2_sentinel_photo_03_d.jpg)
Homeworld: Monolith
Bio: Severan is a member of the mysterious, ancient known as the Monolith. The Monolith race were once the dominate species of the galaxy, their immortally helped them over come the greatest of threats, however their bodies began to decay as the centuries passed. Eventually their organic bodies could no longer support their great minds so they had to leave them, ascending to a state of astral projection, making them an even more powerful species, but then something happened. From beyond the universe, they received a cry for help. For reasons beyond the understanding of the lower advanced species, the Monolith race left within an day of receiving the call, leaving the others to fend for themselves.

Severan and ten others chose to stay behind but to do so he needed to create a robotic body. For the most part of his time in the Milky Way, Severan wondered from planet to planet until he heard something. He heard the cry of every human being who died when the Tanarian Empire moved inside the Sol System. Severan soon found out the Tanarians had discovered a vault on the edge of the solar system containing a Monolith Lordship. Thought incomplete, it was still very powerful. Offended that a ship used by his people was used for unspeakable acts, Severan tracked down the last Human and joined him in his quest for survival and revenge. He provides local knowledge of the galaxies as well assisting Zeyphr with the mechanical side of things.

Note, Severan requires the mechanical body to live. If it's destroyed, his mind with drift off into space and he wouldn't be able to return to a new body.

03-18-2008, 07:02 PM
Might as well start now, I doubt there's going to be anyone else joining, except for Tysyacha when she can. Also, unless otherwise stated, characters speak in a language known as Standard, as it is the most commonly spoken language in the galaxy.

03-19-2008, 09:33 AM
Hello! Been awhile since I was here...anyway I want to give it a try again, I think this sounds nice and fun, however I'm going away the next few days so I'll make a late join in, if it's ok...

Name: Tale
Species: Mika-Oj (Just to write something ^_^)
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Homeworld: Unknown
Appearance: Like Mandalore in Kotor 2 TSL, ( I hope this is OK!)
Bio: Making his living as a Bounty Hunter and uses travels with his ship The Griffin. There is not much to say about him...

If you want anything changed, let me know and I'll try to change it as soon as possible.

Well met! :)

03-20-2008, 07:39 PM
I am going to create a third character. This is one will be a Tanarian. Yeah I figure I should take on the bad guys. If it is ok I will do two Tanarians each opposite in personalities.

Name: Sol Bekura
Species: Tanarian
Homeworld: Tanar
Gender: Male
Age: 18 lifetimes
Appearance: Two parallel ridges on his forehead running north to south to the peak of his eye brows. A distinct set of horizontal ridges on his nose and pointed teeth. A distinguishing scar on his left brow. His healthy coloring is a gray bluish hue and has short cropped dark hair. On his back across the shoulderblades is an intricate tattoo. Meaning unknown except to Bekura. Wears standard dress of Tanarian soldiers with the rank of Commander or Grevlinswa, the "Holy Warrior."
Ship: The Bakkt˙ or Destroyer
Bio: As a commander of the Holy Tanarian Empire, Sol Bekura is to search for any trace of the Humans and destroy them. His ship the Bakkt˙ was put under his command following his awarding of the Grevlinswa. More reserved than his more agressive colleagues, Sol Bekura is more thoughtful at the lengths the species under the control of the Empire would go through just to survive or break free. His thoughts on the matter have been scrutinized by friends and colleagues but they haven't penetrated the loyalty of the crew. His personal thoughts are a mystery to others yet he spares no expense when going into battle.
He pursues course relently to track down what has been rumoured to be the last of the Humans. Interestingly enough, he has no desire to kill the Human but his intentions are unclear. The Bakkt˙ currently patrols the system where one of the planets houses some ancient ruins of his people's Empire.