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03-08-2008, 08:52 PM
This is a story that has been going through my head. Note that this is non-cannon. It takes place 10 years after TSL

Echo's of the force

Plot: Taking place shortly after the end of TSL the Jedi Exile left to the Unknown Regions to search for Darth Revan. Little did the Exile know she did not kill Darth Nihilus. He survived the only way he knew how. Clinging onto a tattered state of mind he survived. Nihilus spent ten years feasting upon small non-known worlds and grew strong in the process. Nihilus fashioned 5 apprentices from these worlds in hopes of ruling the galaxy with an iron fist. Knowing that there were no jedi to stop him.

However fate has a habit of changing a person's perception. The fates were written in the stars above

Your role:

You are an ordinary civilian. Be you a soldier of the republic or an Exchange gangster. The only thing you have in common with each other is a very similar childhood to each other. You all once lived on Taris. However you left before the Sith Blockade began.



This will begin when around 4 people join. Note that you can play as a character in the Kotor series however you will void your chance of being part of the main plot