View Full Version : Hello from a Noob, let's rumble!

03-25-2008, 03:00 PM

Bought EaW gold pack over the weekend, and already starting to neglect the wife. (uh-oh) This game is great! I'm still a newbie, but my biggest accomplishment has been figureing out how to remove corruption. After three straigh losses on GC, I FINALLY got it. haha

Anyone still around in this forum? It only looks liek a few people post/play EAW anymore.

Anyway I live on North America's west coast so if anyone is compatable with my time area, I'm down for a game anytime after 5 pm. Let's play! I'm sure it'll do your ego good to lay the smack down on a noob

also if anyone reading this knows about mods plese pm me!
Double also: what is universe at war? A ultra modded EaW?

12-18-2009, 04:10 PM
Hello Commando,

I just registered this game and are looking for skilled people that play the campaign. Now, I know you said you were a noob, but on the account of you being married I assume I can teach you how to play with me and that you wont give up quickly because you are not a ten year old with no attention span. So reply to my post if interested, or contact me through my email: michaelalangriffith@yahoo.com or michaelalangriffith@msn.com

Oh and one more thing I play Empire at war the non Expansion because i have found FOC to be a unbalanced game on the account... well I don’t want to get into it but I want to play you in EAW so I hope you do too.