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03-29-2008, 01:44 PM
Ok so I tried again to start a server, and it wouldn't work, so I told it to stop the server and looked at the log nd found this...

02/27/2008 16:42:44 : Server has crashed
02/27/2008 16:42:44 : Connection reset
02/27/2008 16:42:44 : Disconnected
02/27/2008 16:42:44 : Disconnected
02/27/2008 16:42:44 : Server stopped
02/27/2008 16:42:44 : Auto-restart is enabled, restarting the server.
02/27/2008 16:42:44 : Server started
02/27/2008 16:43:18 : Star Wars® Battlefront™ II Server Manager v1.08
02/27/2008 16:43:18 : Started under Personal (Build 6000)
02/27/2008 16:43:19 : Server is already running, monitoring enabled.
02/27/2008 16:43:19 : Disconnected
02/27/2008 16:43:20 : Another instance of Server Manager is already managing this server.
02/27/2008 16:43:23 : Exited
02/27/2008 16:43:23 : Couldn't create listen server! Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted. (10048) Use the -ip and -port command-line parameters to configure a valid IP and port address for the Server Manager listen server. Remote Manager clients will not be able to connect until you correct the problem and restart Server Manager.
02/27/2008 16:43:23 : Couldn't start monitor timer! Invalid window handle. (1400)

And after I had hit the Start Server, teh window cam up and said loading, after about 10 econds, it closed and wanted to do it again.

what does all that mean?

04-03-2008, 11:09 AM
Your first problem is that you're using version 1.08. :D 1.10 fixes a few bugs and issues that you're going to be complaining about sooner or later.

You're first issue is that you have auto-start enabled in the server manager and you're also manually starting the server when it crashes. Uncheck the auto-start option untill you get the server up and running.

The port problem is also stemming from the fact that you have the server auto-starting when it crashes. When you manually start it after it has auto-started it think's you're trying to start another server on the same ports.

You need to find out why the server crashed in the first place. Were you running shipped maps when the server crashed or mod maps? What's the location (path) of the server manager when you run it?

04-03-2008, 02:53 PM
well will 1.10 be able to use auto announce?

um well I was using stock maps I don't know how to use mod pams yet, I'm working on that after I get this up and running

Um I'm not sure hat you mena by teh path, you mean where I saved it to and where a launch it from

If so I have it in...

C:/Program files/Lucasarts/Star Wars Battlefront II Server Manager

If not please expand a bit

I will try the first thing you said and see hat happens