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GOD Radu
04-08-2008, 12:56 PM
Hello World! Please I really need you help!

1. Does anyone know where can I find tutorials for using Mod Tool, cause it takes to long to learn from trail/error way ?

2. How do I import my models into BF2?

3. How do I make Jediís have one/dual/double blades ?

4. How do I increase Force Powers in range, damage, distance, height, speed, time?

5. How do I make LightSaber Block on all the time, even in running/jumpingÖ?

6. Is there a way to make a Sith/Jedi have more force powers then 2, if so how?

7. I want to quick use the Force: bind a Force power to a button and the other to another button, how do I do it if possible ?

8. How do I put Heroes in Space battles so that the bots canít use the Heroes?

9. How do I increase the number of possibilities in the Unit Select/Spawn list(menu)?

10. How do I put 2 Heroes in the Unit Select/Spawn list(menu) so that only I can choose them not the boots?

11. How do I increase damage of the weapon I want ?

Sorry about my bad English!

Delta 47
04-14-2008, 07:41 PM
There is a whole list of different tutorials on how to use the Mod Tools included with them and you can edit practically anything with them. Go into C:/BF2 Mod Tools and read the docs.