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05-10-2008, 12:33 PM
So, since no one seemed to have any idea how to help me fix the problem I had with Nar Shaadah, which I foudn was unfixable, I uninstalled and reinstalled my game. I got the 1.0b patch, but I'm also looking other bugfixes besides that patch. Mostly the ones like TSLRP and K2RP... However, I can't fidn those downloadable anywhere. (IE, filefront doesn't have TSLRP but does have K2RP) K2RP requires me to downlaod fixes from the team gizka site, but, of course, the fixes on that site are gone, and say they will be integrated into TSLRP. And, of course, I can't find TSLRP downloads anywhere. And before you suggest, no Lucasfiles doesn't seem to have it, and I can't download anything from freewebs, angelfire, or rapidshare due to a parental blocking program.
After all that's fixed, I would appreciate it if someone could explain to me how I could put four major mods together in my game, which are: M4-78 Droid Planet Mod, HK Factory mod, Coruscant Jedi Temple Mod, and the TSL Story Mod (No, I don't want USM). I've seen the readmes for those four mods, but, I'm still left completely confused as to how to combine them- especially with the M4-78 readme...

(Also, I may later use this thread to ask for help with any other issues I get in my game whenever I need help instad of making a new thread for every problem I have...)

Please help...

Wedge Suron
05-10-2008, 12:46 PM
Hmm. That's a lot of information, first off. TSLRP I think is disbanded last I heard. Although I heard they had returned, I'm not sure. I'm afraid as someone else might say, you haven't specified what the problem is. As Jae Onasi would say: 'We can't read your mind. Tell us more.' Note: I've had that a couple of times. :lol:

05-10-2008, 01:10 PM
Hey, Arc.

It seems that Team-Gizka withdrew their fixes in anticipation of the (still) pending release of TSLRP. I've already asked T-G to make them available again since who knows when TSLRP is going to be released and we've had more than one person ask about them here. They gave me a lame (IMO) excuse that really made no sense to me and refused.

Basically, their excuse was that the fixes are incompatible with TSLRP, would screw up the install of TSLRP, and that people are too stupid to follow instructions telling them to uninstall the fixes before installing TSLRP. So therefore their solution was to prematurely (again, IMO) pull the fixes and to no longer support them, and they don't really give a rat's rear-end that people may still need them in the meantime. Like I said: LAME. :roleyess:

So basically I ended up having to look elsewhere for them. And I found them here (http://files.filefront.com/team+Gizka+fixeszip/;9782470;/fileinfo.html). Please feel free to refer anyone who needs these files to this link.

As to your mod questions, I think they belong elsewhere, like in the mods' respective threads in the T.U.C.E. Please don't follow others' example by spamming the Work Bench with mod questions. ;)

@Paul: I think you mean K2RP and all that Darth Balor silliness that I never took seriously. Team-Gizka and the TSLRP are still very much alive and kicking enough to be unreasonable (once again, IMO) about pulling their bug fixes.

05-10-2008, 01:15 PM
Basically, I need bug fies for all of those numerous bugs that the 1.0b patch didn't fix, such as the Telos Academy Imprisonment Cutscene Fix and many various others which are:
Dxun Equation Puzzle Fix
Fuel For Telos Quest Fix
Handmaiden Training->Cutscene Fix
Hidden Compartment Fix
Mira Spacesuit Fix
Skippable Mebla Dialogue Fix
Starport Visa Trade Fix
Tienn Tubb's Store Fix
Visas Teaches Force Sight Fix
Nihilus-Visas In-Game Cutscene Tweak
Jedi Master Rendevous Fix
and the Escaped Criminals Quest Fix,
all of which I used to have, but I am unable to find where I got them from anymore...

For the second part of my post, what I mean is that The M4-78 Mod has a very complex and confusing install, which variosu patches and parts and such that have be installed 'here' and 'there', and before 'this' and after 'that', which is very confusing. Basically, in installing the other mods I mentioned with the M4-78 Mod, certain mdos have to be installed before and after, and certain files have to go all kinds of different places, and it's just too confusing... I with they had made the M4-78 Mod use TSLPatcher...

05-10-2008, 01:31 PM
Didn't you see the link in my post, Arc? AFAIK they are all in that download.

And just toss every file that isn't a readme or an .nss (source script) file into your TSL override folder. This should be done after patching the game, but before you install any other mods.

BTW: If you want to try M4-78, I suggest that you download and use Dstoney's mod in the T.U.C.E. and not the one that you have. It uses the patcher.

05-10-2008, 01:39 PM
Oh... I didn't knwo you posted... I was posting while you posted, and after you posted, I posted, and waited, and that must be why that happened... :xp:
I'll have to ask about installing those 4 mods in T.U.C.E then...

Thanks for the link!

Edit: BTW, where do I put the parts of the download that aren't in override folder in the download? The readme says it fixes the ebon hawk compartment bug, but it doesn't explain all the other fixes.

05-10-2008, 02:02 PM
Ignore what's in the "source" folder and the readme, and toss every other file including what's outside of the "override" folder into TSL's override folder.

05-10-2008, 02:11 PM
Okay, that helps. Now on to installing M478, Coruscant, and the HK Factory. I've decided not to install the TSL story mod because that looks like it may conclict, and sounds too complicated.

05-13-2008, 01:40 AM
As to your mod questions, I think they belong elsewhere, like in the mods' respective threads in the T.U.C.E. Please don't follow others' example by spamming the Work Bench with mod questions. ;)
I have to agree with this...

Sorry Arcesious, but the Work Bench is for people to ask about game breaking bugs or glitches, mod installation questions need to be posted in their respective threads in TUCE, or in Holowan Labs at the minimum.