View Full Version : For those unable to run XWCS on 2000/XP/Vista

05-19-2008, 11:51 AM
I'm deleting another thread in this forum that addressed this, but I wanted to make everyone aware of the compatibility patch on LucasFiles, which can be found here:


This will also fix TIE95 asking for DirectX 5.2 if you already have that or a later version installed.

05-26-2008, 12:39 AM
If you recall from the question I asked earlier in this forum... I have an issue with the 3d acceleration for XvT on my XP system. Is XvT considered part of the X-wing trilogy? And will this patch fix the 3d acceleration problem on my system?

05-26-2008, 10:54 AM
The patch described in this thread is for Windows X-Wing and TIE Fighter, *not* XvT. If you want, you can try the Omega drivers @ http://www.omegadrivers.net but I recommend having had previous experience installing and uninstalling drivers and having Driver Cleaner (http://www.drivercleaner.net) handy.

05-26-2008, 01:57 PM
Wildstar... I've looked at these drivers and they look promising as they are designed for games. I'm trying to figure out how exactly they work though. Do I have to uninstall the current drivers for my NVIDIA card, and then install and use these? Or can I just download and install the new Omega ones, and just try to play the game? I've uninstalled/installed drivers before, but I'm not too familiar with the process.

BTW: Your help is greatly appreciated!

05-26-2008, 07:59 PM
They are an alternative to the nVidia drivers, so you should probably uninstall your current drivers, first, which is why I recommended having Driver Cleaner handy.

05-26-2008, 10:18 PM
Copy that Red 2. I'm gonna try it out and I'll let you know. Thanks for your help dude.

05-27-2008, 12:44 AM
No luck with those driver Wildstar. I just realized that I've been having some issues with my other games running slow, and I'm trying to resolve that. COD4:MW started running really slow on my PC a few months back and I can't figure out why. Because I recently installed XvT I think that my problem may have something to do with my system rather than compatibility. Especially because it's happening to other games, I can't find anyone that has had this issue with XvT.

05-27-2008, 10:54 AM
Games can slow down from spyware running on your computer, so make sure you do a scan for that.

05-27-2008, 02:05 PM
I've tried that a few times. Also defragged the hard-drive. It may be a problem with the temp on my GPU. From what I can determine, everything works for a few moments when first loaded (ie the GPU hasn't heated up yet). After about 30 seconds of flight time, everything starts slowing down, and getting jumpy. I'm almost certain that means I'm overheating, but I can't know for sure unless I get a giant fan for the GPU.