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Games Judge
05-20-2008, 11:56 AM
Guys, the game manual and the controls say on the pc version that you can ask for repairs, medic, backup, attack, defend, and a whole bunch of preset communications, all set from F4 to F10 or something like that, but I can't use them. The only one that works in the whole list, is the "Get in, Get out, Follow me, Move out" commands, and those are all set to F4. I have some issues, mainly that they don't work, and also that maybe if I could get some help from Ai, then the game would be alot more fun. By the way, if any one of you call me a noob, it's not true, I have elite status in all the medals, and a record set of about 74 headshots in one round. I hate the beam rifle, and love the remote rocket, standard with demo. If any one of you can help me, I'd appreciate it so much.

05-20-2008, 02:52 PM
there shouldn't be a problem, just go into controls and scroll down, set them as you want. The AI command follow me is helpful, the rest of the commands the ai dont need to be commanded and will usually do themselves.
your problem must be using multiplayer controls in single player, the ones that you are having trouble with dont work offline.

Also, words mean nothing, go online prove yourself, and no one is going to call you newb as long as you write legibly, and relevantly.

Games Judge
05-22-2008, 11:08 AM
Only problem, I don't exactly have a connection to the internet to my current computer. Issues and stuff like that. Thenks for replying though. I also found out that, yes, you can only use those commands in the online version, but wouldn't it be a lot better to have those commands for when you really need them?
Maybe we all should suggest that for the next game?

05-22-2008, 01:11 PM
The commands worked so much better in SWBF1. The bots did exactly what you wanted. IMO, F4 is the only one that works proficiently and consistantly with bots in SWBF2. If you're in a vehicle.. hitting F4 will get the bots in.. or out. If there is an engineer bot around.. hitting the ammo or health communication MIGHT encourage them to drop them for you.. but I noticed they drop whether you ask or not. Whether a bot will heal your vehicle if asked for repairs is a stretch I think... I've noticed either they have or haven't repaired when asked.

Hitting the F keys during multiplayer is more of a communication to other players not bots. Hitting F10 (Need Back-up) will show yourself on the mini-map with a tiny icon that only your team can see. This is good for CTF if you have the flag and you want to signal your team where you are.

The same holds true for ammo or health... if you hit these communication keys.. it shows your team mates where you are and what you need. for health.. you show as a little "+" on the minimap... etc. Telling team mates that an enemy has been sited, shows you on the minimap as another diffrent little icon.

If you want to control squads or bots.. play Star Wars Republic Commando. I'm willing to bet that's why they downplayed the whole command function thing in SWBF2 anyway... (because there was another SW game that encompassed that command style of play).

I liked the way they had it in SWBF1... but I've become accustomed to the way it is now.. so no big loss.

I think SWBF3 should be at least as good as SWBF1 was with commands.