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05-22-2008, 05:38 PM
Reference Articles:
1) No Force Uleashed for PC - ForceUnleashed.net (http://www.forceunleashed.net/news/why-force-unleashed-is-not-on-pc/)
2) No Force Uleashed for PC - Force.net (http://www.theforce.net/videogames/story/TFUs_Secret_Apprentice_Named_A_PC_Explanation_1146 70.asp)
3) No Multi for PS3/xBOX (http://www.forceunleashed.net/news/no-multiplayer-on-xbox-360ps3/)

I’m sorry , but I just have to rant about this because I cannot BELIEVE how lame this is getting.

TheFroceUnleashed.net states a news flash quoting the following from Cameron Suey ”it is too hard to develop a game which could satisfy both killer gaming rigs and outdated ones. The PC being the gaming platform that it is, someone with a $4,000 high-end system would definitely be able to play the Euphoria, the DMM and really technical elements of the game. But someone with a low-end PC would have a watered down experience, they would have to turn all the settings down and it wouldn’t be the same game,”

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!. This is why your not developing the game for the PC?!?
I have to say this is pretty LAME and as pathetic as an excuse can get.

Let us examine a few things:

First off, not too many gaming enthusiasts spend $4000 on a gaming rig. Very few people with money to blow spend that much on a Dell or Alienware rig. Even so, those rigs are SO powerful (8-Core, 4+ GB RAM, Dual/Tri SLI) that ForceUnleashed would never even COME CLOSE to using all that power. Besides, NONE of the current consoles come anywhere NEAR that kind of power. So that point is mute since the game cant even take advantage of that type of rig.

Second. Most of your PC gaming market (ESPECIALLY for Star Wars) will build their own rig for less than $1700. My 2 year old dual-core (4GB RAM and 8900 GTS) can be put together now for less than $800 and STILL blows my PS3 out of the water in terms of computing and graphics power. There is no doubt that rig would be able to handle DMM and Euphoria with more than enough power left over to run the game full HD 1080p with HDR and AA/AS filtering. These are things that no current console can do to the same effect. The rig above can play Crysis with FULL max effects and AA, something NOT ONE console out there can do, so don’t say someone would need to spend $4000 on a computer to play ForceUnleashed as intended, its an insult.

This line of explanation is A) WAY of base in pricing, and B) essentially PUNISHING all PC gamers who DID invest in a good gaming rig. It is the PC gamers who made the gaming industry EXPLODE over the past decade.. and this is what we get? NOT COOL.

Why is LA even concerned about outdated computer rigs? Do they care about outdated consoles like NES or PS1? They could essentially just say “Hey, we are not going to release the game at all because some people don’t have the latest consoles”

Now, this leads us to the concern of playing the game “watered down.” This excuse is just as lackluster as the first. The strange thing here is that ... wait... the game will also be released on PSP and PS2 as well.... hmmm, do these systems have the same capabilities as the Wii, xBox and PS3? Last I checked, not at all.

So is LucasArts saying that the gaming experience on the PS2 or PSP will be the same as on the PS3?
I am confused, because we want everyone to have the same experience right.
Are they saying that the PSP and PS2 will be able to deliver the same capabilities as the PS3?

If so it means either: A) The game does not really consume the resources of a “$4000” PC, or B) You really DON’T care that everyone has the same experience and this is really about something else, like back-room deals with console manufactures, or an real inability to develop for PC multi-core systems with advanced GPUs. Either way the whole “reason” is more of an excuse and insult.

Let us us just focus on the scope of the Cannon for us Star Wars fans.

All this promo going on about how huge the story is, how it will become a large part of the cannon and its can be akin to a Star Wars Episode 3.5. I mean.. it is Darth Vader’s SECRET APPRENTICE for Pete’s Sake... are you kidding me, how HUGE is that?

On this basis ALONE you should be releasing the game for every dam platform available. This one is SO for the fans and here you are just cuting off a significant portion of the fan base from participating in the experience... VERY BAD FORM for a very bad reason.

So I was going to have to settle for playing ForceUnleashed on my PS3. But now I cannot even get equivalent gaming experiences between the consoles. Each console will have different options, playing styles, bonus levels and now... only the Wii will get multiplayer! Are you kidding me? At least in that article you did bother insulting us with a lame reason.

I have to say this is another notch in a LOOOOOOOOOOONG line of gaming disappointments from LucasArts. Thanks for killing off the excitement of a highly anticipated game. Considering the scope of the CANNON, I really thought you guys would give it the magic touch and love for all Star Wars fans. Guess not.

So much for all the exciting promotional videos... hooplah.
Sincerely Disappointed,

BoBo Z.

- - - - - - - - - - -
Basic system comparison.
I just went a did a bit of basic spec searching and this is what I got:


CPU – IBM Cell Stream @ 3GHz 32bit, 90nm
RAM – 256MB XDR @ 3.2 GHz
GPU – nVidia RSX @ 500 MHz (GeForce 6 type) 128bit with Cell Integration (256MB GDDR3 texture memory @650MHz), 24 pixel/shader pipelines (+8 render) @22.4GB/s bandwith, 1.1 billion vertices/sec, 44,000 Mpixels/sec, 12000 Mtexels/sec, Bo/Trilinear, ASx4, AAx4
Video – DVD +BR (480i - 1080p max)
Sound - (S, DDL 5.1, DTS, LPCM)

CPU – Emotion Engine @ 300MHz 128bit (+FPU Unit)
RAM – 32MB
GPU – 150MHz, 66Mpoly/sec
Video – CD/DVD (1280x1024)
Sound – 48 Channel (DDL, AC3, DTS)

CPU – MIPS R4000 @ 333MHz 128bit
RAM – 8MB +4MBcache
GPU – 2 Core (1RenderingEngine 1SurfaceEngine), 2MBvRAM, 644Mpixel/sec
Video – 480x272 Pixel, 24bit, 4.3” TFT LCD
Sound – 3D 7.1 Channel (ATRAC3+, AAC, MP3)

CPU - Intel Celeron @ 733MHz (133fsb) 32bit, 180nm
RAM - 64MB (Shared)
GPU - nVidia NV2A @ 233 MHz (GeForce 3 type), 4 pixel pipelines, 932 Mpixels/sec, 1,864Mtexels/sec, Bi/Trilinear, ASx2, AAx2
Video - DVD (+HDDVD external) (480p - 1080i max)
Sound - 3D sound, 64 channel, 256 voices (S, DS, DDL 5.1, DTS)

Details closely guarded (woner why?)
CPU – PowerPC Broadway RISC @ 729MHz 32bit, 90nm
RAM - 88MB Main + 24MB
GPU - ATI Hollywood @ 243 MHz (3MB texture memory)
Video - (480p max) (LOL)
Sound - (S, DPLII)


“$4k” Average Dell/Alienware Ultra HiEnd PC - 2008
CPU - Intel Core2 Ext/Core2Quad @3GHz
RAM – 4GB DualChannel DDR3 @ 1600MHz
GPU – DualSLI GeForce 9800 GX2 QuadGPU 2GB RAM @ 600MHz core, 512 StreamProcessors, 140,000Mtexil/sec, 128GB/sec, HDR, ASx8, AAx16
Video – 1080p Minimum, (2560x1600 max)

“$1.5K” Average Dell/Alienware Mid-Range PC - 2008
CPU - Intel Core2 Ext/Core2Quad @ 3GHz
RAM – 2GB DualChannel DDR3 @ 900MHz
GPU – GeForce 8800 GT 512MB RAM @ 600MHz core, 112 StreamProcessors, 33,000Mtexil/sec, 57GB/sec, HDR, ASx8, AAx16
Video – 1080p Minimum, (2560x1600 max)

“$750” Custom User Built PC – 2006/08 parts @ today’s prices
CPU – AMD64 DualCore @ 2GHz
RAM – 4GB DualChannel PC3200
GPU – GeForce 8800 GT 512MB RAM @ 600MHz core, 112 StreamProcessors, 33,000Mtexil/sec, 57GB/sec, HDR, ASx8, AAx16
Video – 1080p Minimum, (2560x1600 max)

Some over-the-top details have been left out, but these numbers are accurate and give a VERY good representation of total computing power (CPU+GPU), especially when taking in to account the max resolution each system can display.

Of the consoles, PS3 definately has the most potential computing and graphics power. At the very least, it is at almost twice as powerful as the xBox and nearly three times more powerful than the Wii. Especially considering that Wii cannot do more than 480p.

However, even the PS3 still does not come close to the power of even the 2006 PC, which is AT LEAST twice as powerful. The 2008 machines.. forget it, you are talking 4 to 6 times more power than even the 2006 machine. NONE of the consoles can even come close to 1/4 of the power of those things.

As for the Wii, not trying to pick at sides, but graphics are not hard to pump out at 480p. I mean PCs surpassed 480 capabilities over 18 years ago..LOL.

LA production managers, sorry, but your full of it. And I don’t think it is as much of the PC not being able to handle the game as much as it is the game not being able to take advantage of the PC.

05-22-2008, 05:44 PM
Dude there is a petition for people who want TFU for PC here is the link


I totally agree with you though

05-22-2008, 05:58 PM
Yeah.. I signed that about a month ago, and STILL saw this recent reply dated march 12, 2008.

Obvioulsy they dont care enough even to come out with a valid reason... At this point it seems like layzyness or a sellout.

"It has the SW name... whatever.. it will sell."

I just had to call them out. It is one of the lamest excuses I have ever heard and on a technology level alone, I cannot believe for one second it is coming from the mouths of anything Lucas.

It just plain leaves a BAD TASTE.

05-23-2008, 05:05 PM
I have to say that I agree with you 100%. I don't even have PS3 or Xbox360 so no TFU for me I guess.

05-24-2008, 11:34 AM
Not a good sign for SWBF3 being released on PC (if at all, for that matter). The money to be made nowadays is in the consoles. There's an investment that needs to be made to include PC in releases and developers have to make a decision as to whether they can make their money back and then some.

I hope this isn't a trend. Gamers grow up and most "grown ups" have PC's not consoles. Some have consoles too.. but I'm sure the majority have a PC and not a console. Almost everyone has a PC... and you never grow out of gaming... :)

Char Ell
05-24-2008, 12:12 PM
We've also got threads on these heated topics in the Force Unleashed forum.

TFU for PC?
Why Force Unleashed is not for PC
No 'Force Unleashed' Multiplayer on PS3/360

Haden Blackmann did say something to the effect that one of the reasons LucasArts decided not to develop a PC version of TFU was because the hardware requirements for the game were high enough that there wouldn't be enough of an installed base to make PC version profitable. Something along those lines anyway. Whatever the case, I've read multiple articles where people from LucasArts have said that LucasArts still supports the PC platform. As far as I'm concerned the proof is in the pudding. The last new game that LucasArts released for the PC was LEGO Star Wars II in 2006 September. LucasArts released two compilations of previously released titles, Star Wars: The Best of PC in 2006 November and Empire At War Gold Pack in 2007 September. No PC games have been announced so it looks like it will be at least two years before we see another PC game from LA. Not a whole lot of pudding if you ask me. :indif:

05-24-2008, 03:49 PM
im with you... such retards.(special only multi for wii!!! somewhere a REAL gamer is cyring!) wii however brings me to another topic you said wii was stronger the ps2/xboxd but i think all three are roughly the SAME strenth even if wii is a generation "ahead"

05-27-2008, 05:41 PM
Wii is more powerful than ps2 or xbox, lol, what rock do you live under?

05-29-2008, 01:20 PM
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06-02-2008, 11:13 AM
Maybe they have not been keeping up recent technology...

University of Antwerp makes a supercomputer using PC GAMING PARTS...
Desktop Supercomputer

Let's see them do that with a console...

Ohhh.. and it cost LESS that $4,000.
There is no way ForceUnleashed needs a supercompuer to run.

Boba Rhett
06-02-2008, 03:02 PM
4000€ is roughly 6200 dollars.

I don't think anyone is arguing that the numbers the guy spewed out were pulled out of his butt yet we still keep harping on it.

Also, console specs cannot even remotely be directly juxtaposed with PC specs. Why are we doing this?

06-03-2008, 02:55 PM
"4000€ is roughly 6200 dollars."

Yes, but that total was with buying the parts in Euroope, which is more expensive than buying the part here in the US. In the US that same system would be just about $4,000.

And I would disagree on the specs issue. They are not identical, but close enough. If we are talking about raw processing power you don't need to be a technical master to do a rough comparison.

I guess with this game supposed to be such a huge addition to the Cannon of Star Wars it just feels like a shaft. With getting screwed and lied to by enough companies, Last people I expected to give us a disappointment is LA, ESPECIALLY on a technical issue.

We all have enough real Life crap tp deal with. It would have been nice of them to make an effort, thats all.