View Full Version : Glitch/Bug on Ravager (Possible Spoilers)

06-04-2008, 08:10 PM
I wasn't Sure were to put this but i think it may have been either because of the KSE or a Mod i may have installed (installed the game ages ago and came back to it, so can't really remember what)

Spoiler warning - This Thread has information Up to the Ravager mission.
When the level started i had no team, (ie my character was by himself), i didn't know if that was normal at the time; there is about 20 living sith soilders in the begining area that don't attack and are neutral, i think these were supposed to die in the fmv. I cannot place any of the bomb's, nor do i have any, nor was i told or explained what they are for, i only found out about them via the quest log screen. I fought my way through the ship to get to Nilhus, when he died everything went black, I couldn't see my menu but my mouse was there and i could click the menus + hear myself moving around. I saved and reloaded. Now i can see everything but Darth Nihilus is standing there as a neutral character, I can not talk to him but in my quest log it says i have defeated him. (iv seen a few people with this black screen problem)
I have ran all over the ship and seen the locations were i am supposed to place the bombs on my map but nothing happens when i go there and i have nothing in my inventory ...
This is major glitch and i havent really had any glitches in the game atall nor can i seem to find anybody with the same problem or how to fix it. I tried to start again and the same thing happened.
(Also , when i went to Visa's chamber got her cutscene except she wasnt there, there was just a voice)

PS . I am playing on the pc. Is it even possible that someone provide a save from directly after the ravager or the data/globals or tha i'd need to put into the KSE to make the game think i've finished the ravager level so i can progress and finish the game.