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06-14-2008, 01:03 PM
I am Darth Taral … one of the few Sith’s that survived the civil war in Korriban and the destruction of Malachor … Most sith are spread across the unknown space … I have gathered soldiers and a few ships under my command … not only I am looking for dose sith’s and form a order … but a apprentice as well … some one that has the potential of a Sith and the power.

Korriban it’s abandon and Malachor V is destroyed … Darth Taral is looking for dose survivors like him to form a order of the sith’s conquer the galaxy and give destruction to re-creat … mold and shape a new galaxy … a galaxy strong and capable … not like the republics view.

It will be a maximum of 4 Sith lords … others can be troopers, lieutenants, governors … you can be Jedi if you wish of course … if you wish to be part of the republic you can join too … everything is accepted.

maximum of 4 characters by person.

Character sheets:

Name: (Optional if you are a Sith)
Aka: (Nickname or Darth name)
Gender: Male or Female
Ship: (in case you have a fleet as a Sith)

My Character:

Name: --
Aka: Darth Taral
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Specie: human
Affiliation: Sith
Alliance: Dark Side(sith)
Rank: Sith Lord
Ship: The Aquino
Weapons: Red Lightsaber … silver color hilt.
Bio: Born in Taris to a unknown family, he joined the sith as a trooper at the age of 18, the sith’s perceived his potential and they could sense his great power … he was taken to Korriban for basic training, he gained many prestige and was ranked sith … he then went to train to Malachor for 14 years, where he became a sith lord … he went looking for more knowledge and went exploring the universe, years passed and he decided to return to Korriban seen at nothing but dead body’s and wretch … he found nothing on Malachor … there he knew that it was his time … that he was the chosen one to bring the sith’s to glory.

He went to different sectors where the Sith’s use to rule and managed to recruit soldiers and founded a damaged Interdictor-Class Cruiser that his troops managed to fix and he name it The Aquino. Now he is in look for the others … to create the order of the sith’s and rule the galaxy.

Name: Katta Qui’ned
Aka: “Kat”
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Specie: Quarren
Affiliation: Mercenary
Alliance: Republic
Rank: Mercenary Commander
Ship: Solar V – Republic freighter
Weapons: Blaster Pistol, Blaster Rifle, Grenades (Concussion,Termal,Plasma) and a Prosthetic left arm.
Bio: Born on Manaan, he became a notorious soldier on the mandalorian wars, he was fighting for the republic and when Revan left to create the Sith army he refused and decided to stay with the republic. He served for the republic for a few years, he then decided to work as a mercenary for independent worlds and for the Republic too from time to time.

Black Knight of Keno
06-14-2008, 06:55 PM
Name: Qu'Raell
Aka: Darth Furor
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Species: Weequay
Affiliation: Sith
Alliance: Sith, Dark Side
Rank: Sith Lord
Ship: Darth Furos commands a fleet of three Interdictors, two Hammerheads and an Inexpugnable-class command ship. The Inexpugnable-class is his flagship and is named the "Huntress"
Weapons: Two crimson lightsabers, The Force


Bio: Darth Furor was one of the second wave of Jedi Knights to follow Revan and Malak to war. Until that point he had climbed the Jedi ranks like any other Jedi and was seen as a good student by many Masters. This changed when he left the Order and joined the war effort as a General, from the first day of joining onwards commanding an entire fleet of ships along with the soldiers traveling with these ships. During the course of the war, like Revan and Malak, the Weequay Jedi came to use Mandalorian tactics, training procedure and discipline with his own crew and troops, thus seeking to eliminate weakness and coming to despise the weakness as well. When Revan and Malak sought out the forces loyal to them after Malachor, he obediently followed and during the next few years was corrupted like anyone else in service.

When Malak fell and the Sith Order turned on itself, the now Sith Lord chose to collect his fleet and fortify somewhere where the Sith or Jedi could not find him. So he took his rather large fleet to Sriluur and Hutt Space, hiding his ships for as long as he could. Unfortunately the Republic was informed of this by a power hungry Hutt criminal lord who decided it would be in the slug's best interest to hand him and his fleet over. The Sith Lord collected his fleet again once the betrayal came clear to him and prepared to move out, only to be confronted by a Republic task force. He lost the majority of his fleet in the following space battle, even if he did eventually manage to destroy the task force before jumping into Hyperspace again, this time to a lesser known world of Utapau where he could safely hide his ships while he himself traversed known Galaxy under disguise and a much smaller vessel.