View Full Version : vehicle issues with swbf2 help!!!

06-15-2008, 05:38 PM
i have placed a vehicle spawn and assigned it to designated team, then i went and edited the ABCc_con.lua file doing this:

"rep_walk_atte") - adding this line


-- Level Stats
ClearWalkers() - uncommenting this line by removing these "--"
AddWalkerType(0, 4) -- special -> droidekas
AddWalkerType(1, 1) -- 1x2 (1 pair of legs)
AddWalkerType(2, 0) -- 2x2 (2 pairs of legs)
AddWalkerType(3, 3) -- 3x2 (3 pairs of legs) -Adding the # of units
SetMemoryPoolSize("CommandWalker", 3) - adding this line

result, freez up at loading screen!

does any one know what step i'm missing here?