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Two years after the events of the original MASS EFFECT, the Systems Alliance Military has finalized plans for a full-scale mission to locate and destroy the Reapers--artificially intelligent machines that cleanse the galaxy of all organic life every 50,000 years. No one, not even Admiral Shepard, who has earned a well-deserved promotion from Commander, believes that anyone who ventures on this mission will return alive. That said, the Alliance has given a tempting offer to incarcerated criminals: enlist in the military and volunteer for the mission, and a full pardon will be granted upon survival and return home. Though most prison inmates have scoffed at the proposition, believing it to be suicide, a few have snapped to heel, shaved their heads, and "donned the Onyx" (a catchphrase referring to putting on the traditional Alliance Military uniform). Together, prisoners and officers will unite to end the threat of the Reapers once and for all, or die trying...

Name: Lux Ixlee
Gender: Female
Race: Human (you can be a Mass Effect race other than human, too)
Age: 30
Faction: Alliance Military Prisoner (you can be an Alliance Military Prisoner, Alliance Military Officer of any rank, or a Reaper/Reaper Sympathizer)
Specialization: Henchman/Soldier (Lux was what you'd call a "thug")
Psychological Profile: Raskolnikov Complex (Lux first started her life of crime by "whacking" two rather wealthy but ruthless landlords who were egregiously exploiting her and her family before she took to the streets. Since then, her guilt and fear have propelled her career, but her conscience has propelled her to prison--an eight-to-twenty-year sentence at hard labor, which has recently been commuted to allow her to go on the new mission.)
Preservice History: Ghetto Dweller/Prison Inmate
Unique Talent: Overclock (Lux can naturally "overclock" herself, or work herself into a berserker frenzy that increases her health regeneration and weapon accuracy. This was due to taking one too many contraband injections of enhancement drugs in prison. If Lux is not careful, she can "overheat" and even collapse due to shock--e.g. "game over" for Lux...)

06-21-2008, 01:33 PM
Finally, someone got the guts up to create a Mass Effect RP! Count me in....eventually, I'm tired, and need some time to think a character out. :D

06-21-2008, 04:37 PM
I'm so glad that this thread got responses!!! :) Welcome aboard, and if anybody you know likes Mass Effect, please direct them here because we need a few more char's...;)

07-03-2008, 01:01 AM
Oh fooey!!! I forgot to put a character up!! Don't worry Tysy, I'll get one up REAL soon! :D

Name: Captain Kallic - Full Name Currently Unknown

Gender: Male

Race: Salarian (http://images.wikia.com/masseffect/images//8/82/930279_20070918_screen004.jpg)

Age: 17 (Considering Salarians live to be 40 at max, he's pretty much matured/an adult)

Faction: 3rd Infiltration Regiment STG - Worked under Captain Kirrahe

Specialization: Infiltrator

Psychological Profile: Minor Paranoia Schizophrenia - Due to previous missions, as well as the most current one under Captain Kirrahe, his mental stability has slowly degraded, though an excellent Intelligence Operative, and a capable fighter, he is still mentally unstable; but only in the slightest of ways.

Preservice History: STG Operative/Salarian Navy - After reaching maturity (which didn't take long for him), Kallic spent a little less than a quarter of his current life of 17 years old (4.25 years) in the Salarian Naval Forces, being an Ensign by the time he was found for use in the STG Regiments. He was immediately placed under Captain Kirrahe of the 3rd Infiltration Regiment STG, and was the lowest in rank amongst the group, though there were quite a few equal in rank to himself as well, though. After a surprisingly wide array of missions, Kallic was promoted to Lieutenant. And soon after the mission on Virmire - working with Commander Shepard - Kirrahe was promoted to Admiral (since the STG ranking system is based off of Naval ranking), Commander Rentola was given the rank of Captain, which meant Kallic received the rank of Commander. But soon after, the new group was sent on another Intel mission into the Traverse, which Captain Rentola unfortunately did not come back from, allowing for Kallic to take up the rank of Captain.

Currently he is on leave on the Citadel, and is awaiting instructions at the C-Sec Academy.

Unique Talent(s): Two Sided Thinker - Because of his slight mental instability, and because he is from the highly intelligent Salarian Race, he has trained himself to use both sides of the brain - to allow for more control over said instability - meaning he has more control over his bodily functions during combat, and even out of it. With this ability he is able to use two weapons at once (usually pistols), or drive very complex vehicles with greater ease than most, or even do multiple tasks at once, such as shoot, and hack into a data mainframe. This is a passive ability, and is active at all times.

Intelligent VI - Using a special VI (or Virtual Intelligence) he has programmed into his hardsuit, he can hack, and even take over just about any technological device around him by temporarily transferring the VI into the device - though the VI can stay in the device for any amount of time, Kallic just doesn't want to leave it in there, when in most cases it has to be a quick job. In the past he has even been known to take over Geth, but because of their neural network, and strange anatomical-hardware structure, he still has problems keeping his VI in their system, or for that matter, keeping the Geth alive, as most Geth either eject the VI after a few short minutes, or they fry their own neural circuitry. It also has data transference capabilities like no other, and can - after hacking into a system - very quickly transfer any data found in a system into Kallic's hardsuit, or any other technological storage device; though it still takes time to dig, root out, and find some caches of info. This ability has helped Kallic with his STG work in the past, and will always come in handy in the future. This is Kallic's Active ability, and must be activated to work.

Hope it's okay if my guy has two unique talents Tysy.

Well, one character down, more to go! :whtsmile:

Cyborg Ninja
07-03-2008, 08:42 PM
Name: "Rogue" ID Number: 343117
Gender: Male
Race: Geth
Age: Unknown
Faction: Geth Shock Trooper
Psychological Profile: Rogue seeks revenge on Shepard for "killing" him. He has terminated his brain and reprogramed it to fit his own needs.
Preservice History: A soldier from birth
Unique Talent: CHAOS( a program Rogue created that increases his Strength, Speed, Agility, as well as Accuracy and Intelligence.)

07-04-2008, 11:29 AM
Is it alright if we have more than one character Tysy? You never specified.

Side Note: Added a link to a basic Salarian picture in my Char. Sheet, so you people don't get confused between the Salarian race, and the similarly named Batarians....Just thought I'd let you know. :whtsmile:

07-04-2008, 03:30 PM
Name: WALL·E
Gender: Masculine Neutral
Race: Robot (http://img297.imageshack.us/img297/774/walle1mj8.jpg)
Age: 110 years
Faction: Alliance Military Waste Compaction
Specialization: Waste Compaction
Psychological Profile: Curious
Preservice History: 110 years of waste collection without interaction have left WALL·E with a bit of a glitch: a personality. Though units of his type have long been retired from service, WALL·E has survived purely by accident due to reassignment orders and the like. Instead of being decommissioned, he was sent to the front lines of human expansion and eventually the front lines of the First Contact War. Here he weaved his way in and out of combat on both sides, not being really regarded due to his function of just cleaning things up and his habit to be a pack rat. After the war, he was reassigned to the Alliance Embassy where he proceeded to make a mess of things and caused the late Alliance Ambassador to slip and crack her cranium, inadvertently allowing for Undina to make his way there.
Unique Talent: Persistence (WALL·E never gives up when he sets his sights on something. If there's something he's after, it'll take total and complete destruction to keep him from it.)

07-04-2008, 05:01 PM
Yes, you can indeed have more than one character, as I'm controlling Liara.

07-07-2008, 01:06 AM
Name: Bastion Kahne - (The 'h' is silent.)

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 32

Faction: Alliance Military Prisoner

Specialization: Sentinel - Has training in Shotguns

Psychological Profile: Casual Romantic - (Basically he's a womanizer, though he's considered casual because he enjoys a challenge, not an 'easy snag', even though he goes for those too at times when he needs 'cheering up')

Preservice History: Pirate Mercenary/Outlaw/Prison Inmate - Most would believe Bastion to be in prison for something related to his "love" for women, but istead, he's in prison for reasons pertaining to his career choice. As to that topic, he pretty much grew up being a rascal, most of his life was spent on many fringe worlds, which was why when he grew old enough he traveled out into the lawless, and deadly, Terminus Systems, where all manner of piracy, and slavery take place. As the years went by he became well known as a 'Pirate-For-Hire', or Pirate Mercenary, as they're called. He did many missions for warlords and crime bosses in the Terminus Systems, but as time kept going, he became the enemy of everyone, as he was often found being hired by one person, and then after the job was done, he would get hired to fight/kill the person he'd just worked with; so in layman terms, he became an outlaw, and had to start taking jobs in the Traverse, which ended up being a bad move, as he was eventually caught for acts of smuggling and piracy by the Alliance Military, which Bastion was not used to dealing with. But hearing of a chance to get out of prison by working on a ship to stop sentient machines was too good to be true. He would be able to sail through the sea of space once more, fight, and be merry (by merry, he means if there are women on board), and in the end, he gets set free, because to pirates, freedom is their most valued commodity.

Unique Talent(s): Abiotics - Having had no formal training in Biotics, Bastion had to develop his own techniques and 'forms-of-use' for his Biotic talents, the result is a wide array of Biotic attacks and abilities that are by far very unique. Many of his abilities are nothing more than exact opposites of the normal Biotic attacks and abilities.

Pulse - Bastion has also had to teach himself about technological aspects too, and though his knowledge of technology is not as backwards and unique as his Biotic abilities, he still has some interesting technological techniques, though none come close to his Pulse ability. This ability comes from channeling power from his hardsuit, weapons, and even from his own Biotic implants (he's an L2, like Kaiden), and putting all of that power into his Omnitool, which he then forces the electrical charge onto the outside holographic image of the Omnitool. And with that he is either able to launch a ball of concentrated electrical energy, or grab/punch/slap/back hand/smother/or otherwise handle the opponent with the electrically induced Omnitool and electrocute them, either way, it's an effective attack, able to bypass shields, and is excellent against synthetics.

Hope this character's okay Tysy.

07-07-2008, 06:20 PM
Your new character is great, Master! :) Why don't you have Bastion or Kallic talk next?

07-17-2008, 02:59 PM
Sounds like fun! Can I control Garrus? I always use him and Ashley in my games and he has become one of my favourite game characters (in all the games I own). If not, I'll just make another Turian, but here's my human:

Name: David "Solid Snake" (Yep, I'm unoriginal)

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: 33

Faction: Alliance Military Officer, Master Sergeant Rank

Specialization: Infiltrator (Commando) with training in Assault Rifles

Psychological Profile: Ruthless War Hero - He is adamant when he makes a decision and always gets the job done, but will take the high road to try and keep his unit alive but mostly works alone.

Preservice History: David is a master in Tactical Espionage Action, He gained the nickname "Solid" when he made it through boot camp because his mark was the best of his class. Though he was fasioned "Solid Snake" when he completed every mission of his with the silence of a Snake (He can even find time for a smoke during his assignments). David was skipped some ranks and was promoted to Master Sergeant when he stopped the havok of a walking battle tank that could nuke a planet from the other side of the galaxy. His promotion was followed by a leave of absence that was soon to be broken.

Unique Talents:
Nanomachines: The battery of the nanomachines injected into David did not die out after his mission with the battle tank. They make him impervious to disease and increase his stamina. He uses these to his advantage all the time.

Lady Luck: To get to and survive against a tank is not all skill. Luck is always on David's side. When on the run, something happens to be there that David can use to his advantage to evade his persuers, or to destroy his target.

I just like Metal Gear. Can I still use him?

Edit: Oops, I just realized that the RP is already started and that the only returning characters are Liara and Shepard. But may I still join?

07-17-2008, 06:40 PM
Sure, and you can play Garrus and surprise us all on Eden Prime (hint, hint...) :)

Cyborg Ninja
07-17-2008, 06:42 PM
SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE, I've been waiting for you Snake!!!!!

07-17-2008, 07:07 PM
You want me to make you feel alive again Fox?

So how (as Snake) do you want me to join, Tys?

08-20-2008, 07:40 PM
Name: Lorelei Crimson
Gender: Asari
Race: Human
Age: looks in her mid twenties.
Faction: Council Now Freelance.
Specialization: Vanguard
Psychological Profile: Serving as an Asari Commando for Benezia for more than 3o years and as Asari military before that, she got tired of being used and when Benezia left for the Geth her faith in people was lost, she became a freelance smuggler and mercenary but mostly she just carried cargo from one place to another. She's a very skilled soldier, among the best the Asari have to offer and she was pretty close to Benezia until her downfall. She has recently returned to Eden Prime after loosing a cargo from VeriTech on her way to Noveria.
Preservice History: Ex-Asari Commando now Mercenary.
Unique Talent: Adrenaline Influx (burst of adrenaline that makes her faster and more aware of her surroundings and overall increasing her accuracy and strength) and Biotic-proficency (She's able to boost her biotic powers but at the risk of exhaustion or in worst case death).

11-06-2008, 07:23 PM
Name: Hans Kronich


Race: Human


Faction:Alliance Officer Corp{Though he borders on going Rogue}

Specialization: Hans' skills range across many weapons and battle techniques, but he is accustomed to either the stealthy but deadly life of a sniper, or rushing the enemy with a heavy machine gun like a commando.

Psychological Profile: Hans is the very defenision of a cool, calculating, efficient, but brutal officer. In all his military career of twenty years, he has never taken a prisoner and never lost a battle. Of course, this is against the Universe's alleged "Rules of War," so he was constantly punished for his actions and was demoted from Commander to his current rank of Master Sergeant. He joined the military, not to protect others, but because of his love of combat. And when he was denied his rights to combat, he nearly started a rebellion to the Alliance itself. The nickname of "The Killer Rogue" didn't justify what he was. Now he is just a disgruntled officer who barely holds on to his commission in the military. The Alliance Council, looking at his rather violent war record and how much he was disliked in the Alliance, assigned him to newly promoted Admiral Shepard for the new mission.

Unique Talent: During combat, Hans shows extreme leadership and coolness under fire, but he is struck with a brute will that allows him to almost do anything his body will allow{ jumping long distances, sprinting without fatigue, withstanding multiple hits to his body}. He is practically invulnerable during this period of time, unfortunately his bloodlust cannot tell friend from foe. Be careful while fighting the enemy with him at your side.

Hope you allow the character!