View Full Version : Tweaking FP/lvl

06-19-2008, 03:37 AM
Yep, I'm working on tweaking the amount of Force Points received every level, and I've got something of a mystery.

I changed classes.2da to have the Marauders and Weapon Masters receiving a lowered amount of Force Points (4/lvl, the same as Guardians). I just finished a walkthrough, so I wanted to check if my stats were coherent.
Well, they aren't :/

By level 37 (tweaked autobalance.2da too), I have 594 Force Points (I'd have to go back to the game to be sure of the amount, just looking through KSE at MaxForce Points) with a Guardian/Marauder character.
If I count correctly,
~40 points for Jedi sense or whatever it's called
+ 4*37 for every level up
+ ~6 (Wisdom modifier, boosted by items)
+ let's say 30 points for every occasion to increase my FP with NPCs (except with the Ithorians)
= 224, which is closer to what I was excepting than 594.

I guess it has something to do with Wisdom and/or Charisma, but I'm not sure how these stats influence Force Points. Do they increase the amount received at each level up? I guess yes, but then is it the raw, rather low, item-less Wisdom/Charisma or the insanely high, item-boosted Wisdom/Charisma?
And do they act retroactively, like the Toughness feats does with Vitality Points? (meaning even if you did not wear the Circlet of Saresh until you found it at level 20, you still get 20*2 (the Circlet offers +5 Wis, so modifier is +2) Force Points for the previous levels)

I hope you'll have an idea about this, 'cause I'm quite clueless right now.