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06-20-2008, 05:34 PM
Google command line is http://goosh.org
guest@goosh.org:/news> help


command aliases parameters function
web (search,s,w) [keywords] google web search
lucky (l) [keywords] go directly to first result
images (image,i) [keywords] google image search
wiki (wikipedia) [keywords] wikipedia search
clear (c) clear the screen
help (man,h,?) [command] displays help text
news (n) [keywords] google news search
blogs (blog,b) [keywords] google blog search
feeds (feed,f) [keywords] google feed search
open (o) <url> open url in new window
go (g) <url> open url
more (m) get more results
in (site) <url> <keywords> search in a specific website
load <extension_url> load an extension
video (videos,v) [keywords] google video search
read (rss,r) <url> read feed of url
place (places,map,p) [address] google maps search
lang <language> change language
addengine add goosh to firefox search box
translate (trans,t) [lang1] [lang2] <words> google translation
ls [command] lists commands
cd <mode> change mode

- Enter green commands without parameters to change default mode.
- Anything that's not a command will search in current default mode.
- Aliases will expand to commands. Numbers will expand to corresponding search results.
- Use cursor up and down for command history.
- Enter keyword and hit the tab-key for tab-completion.

guest@goosh.org:/web> news mars
1) Spacecraft confirms ice on Mars
The Mars Phoenix Lander has found ice on the surface of the Red Planet, triumphant NASA scientists said, a key discovery for the spacecraft as it searches ...

2) Answering Mars Phoenix Commenters: Eg How Do You Know It's Not CO2 ...
By Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides June 20, 2008 | 4:02:02 PMCategories: Space There is a lot of CO2 ice on Mars in the winter. However Phoenix landed in the ...

3) Mars Lander Finds Ice, NASA Says
June 20, 2008—Before-and-after photos taken by NASA's Mars Phoenix Lander show "perfect evidence" of water ice on Mars, according to Peter Smith, ...

4) Phoenix Mars Lander Discovers Ice, Scientists Think
By KC Jones Scientists believe that NASA's Phoenix Lander has discovered ice on Mars. Bright chunky material, photographed in a trench, has disappeared and ...

Note that typing one of the numbers will open a new tab with the results.

Translation mode is pretty cool.
guest@goosh.org:/images> translate
guest@goosh.org:/translate> english spanish hello, how are you?
translating "hello, how are you?" from "english" to "spanish":

"hola, cómo estás?"


Det. Bart Lasiter
06-20-2008, 05:51 PM
guest@goosh.org:/web> chown -R /* guest
1) The Linux Public Web Browser mini-HOWTO Donald B. Marti Jr ...
chown me.mygroup /home/guest. Gantikan me dengan nama username anda dan mygroup dengan nama grup anda. (Pada Red Hat Linux, keduanya akan sama, ...

2) Linux Online - Linux web browser station (formerly "The Linux ...
chown me.mygroup /home/guest. Replace `` me '' with your regular username and `` mygroup '' with your group name. (On Red Hat Linux, these will be the same, ...

3) FreeBSD架设之Pure-FTPd服务器- Linux学习网
chown nobody:guest demo. 查看用户在线状态. 通过'pure-ftpwho命令,查看在线用户状态。 在/usr/local/www/apache22/cgi-bin目录下建立一个ftpstatus.c文件 ...

4) #!/bin/sh # # Copyright © 2001-2008 Jamie Zawinski <jwz@dnalounge ...
... then #echo "editing $file" perl -0777 -i -p -e "s/$olduser/$newuser/g" "$file" fi done chown -Rh "$newuser:guest" "$tmpdir" fi done if [ "$newuser" ...

guest@goosh.org:/web> :/

06-20-2008, 05:54 PM
guest@goosh.org:/web> geek tk102
1) TK102's tools - LucasForums
TK102's tools is discussed at LucasForums - T3-M4's Astromech Droid Center. ... OMG I only rank 62.13018% geek or a Extreme Geek as it is referred to on the ...

2) [KOTOR] Happy Birthday tk102! New side-quest & areas - LucasForums
Happy Birthday tk102! New side-quest & areas is discussed at LucasForums ... OMG I only rank 62.13018% geek or a Extreme Geek as it is referred to on the ...

3) Really Cool Portable GPS Tracker » Coolest Gadgets
Tk102 GPS personal tracker is a portable GPS tracking device which can be ... my daily gadget hunt I came across this really cool GPS tracker on Think Geek. ...

4) K-GFF (GFF Editing Utility) v1.3.0 - LucasForums
Last edited by tk102; 01-08-2008 at 01:10 PM. Reason: Updated to 1.3.0 .... OMG I only rank 62.13018% geek or a Extreme Geek as it is referred to on the ...

06-21-2008, 02:02 AM
Although tech area was started to help regular members, I guess it was inevitable to have the ''geekiest set of consecutive posts ever'' in the tech area :) \o/ !!

of course, tk102 is at the heart of such shenanigans, crazy glasses n all :D