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06-22-2008, 01:24 AM
(See my story, Extraction Setup for the complete background. Also, Taraktucus lives. Who ever posts as him, you decide how he survives the crash of the Ungreatful Seer.)

Halo. All of it's glory. The Amplified Fright has crashed with a Covenant CCS-Battlecruiser and has triggered the Seventh Halo Ring to be destroyed. The two ships that escape are the Undenying Cause, a UNSC/Elite CCS-Battlecruiser led by Rkas 'Vudarm, and the Reversed Shadow, a Halycon cruiser, led by Captain John Anthony. Two Elites that are stored in Cryo Containment, Hnko 'Iewor and Hyncid 'Iewor, friends of John Anthony, break out and make it to the bridge. The Monitor of '07 now accompanies John. The Monitor's name is Construct. John's AI is lost on the ship that crashes on Halo, but one half is piloted by Indy, the AI, to the outside of the ring, lost in space...

Choose a character:

John Anthony-Taken-Me

Construct the Monitor-Free

Shipmaster Rkas 'Vudarm-Free

Hnko 'Iewor-Free

Hyncid 'Iewor-Free

Kahldekor the Hunter-Free

Indy, John's lost AI-Taken-Me

Taraktacus the Brute Chieftan-Free

(Feel free to make your own character!)