View Full Version : Character Creation

Kizza Fett
06-27-2008, 02:48 PM
OK, so my mate begged me over and over to install SWG. But since I don't have it, he gave me a 14-Day Free Trial disk to install. So I installed it, started playing, created a character and BOOM!

I accidently forgot about the height etc, and soon realised it was wrong, so I logged out, deleted my character in the hope of re-making it.

But, as I went to choose the same name, it said it was already chosen, and I was like, "What the hell? I just deleted it!"

So, I'm a bit confused. I mean, I used the name, then got rid of it, tried to re-make it, but now I can't.

Please help and if you can give a reason for this please say. Oh, it was also on the same Galaxy.

Oh, if I can't get it back, if I made another character, and then if it's possible get someone to change the name to Diableos Auros?

Because that's the name I want and can't have it anymore. :(

Edit: AHH! It happened again! It eventually accepted the name again, but I forgot the Height stuff again! :@