View Full Version : droids to sith mod completed

07-04-2008, 11:50 AM
Finally got it working, i have changed all the droids on peragus to sith, i have also replaced the plasma torch to a lightsaber on the corpse in the medical bay, now what i have done with the sith is placed them at certain levels throughout peragus some are level 3 some are level five and so forth. can anybody tell me how to add a placeble to the rim file on peragus so i can add maybe a armor and maybe a dark jedi lightsaber or maybe just the crystal so in the case you want to be darkside.

I have notice that this will only work if you start a new game so be forewarned ...lol

ok i am updating this again, seems like im going to need to figure out how to add some armor and so forth cause now im getting but butt kicked all over peragus.......lol