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07-06-2008, 07:40 PM
I was playing around in g-max with the handmaidens outfit and was wondering if there was a way to put someone elses face under the hood without having to remodel the handmaidens face.

Say if I wanted Bastila's face inside the head instead of handmaidens. I have tried this once before and put Jana Lorso's face in the hood but her face doesn't match up with the handmaidens modeled face so you could see the handmaidens eyebrows go up and down under Jana's skin and Jana's mouth would open but you would see the model of Handmaidens mouth closed and a few other funny stuff happening.

So I thought I would try some things like take the TGA and blank out Handmaidens face and see if that would work but the TGA just shows the clothes and not the face. However the MDL shows the head model as well.

So I played around some more and thought maybe just take the modeled head out of the hood and save it as a blank clothing option to put anyones head in there you choose.

Before anyone says clipping I know alot of the heads are going to clip thru the hood but some of them aren't.

I managed to get the head out of the hood but now I have a head just floating in front of the MDL and don't know how to get rid of it or how to save it as a headless hooded model.

Does anyone know how to do this or if this has been tried and is not possible to accomplish.

I don't have much experiance in modeling but if it can be done then we could have a new clothing option for all the skinners to work with :)



Edit:Well I managed to seperate the face from the hood and I clicked on delete mesh and the face dissappeared. I then saved and exported the model and renamed it and hexedited the mdl to point to the face I was using.

I had an old file that I had saved from when me and Erronis were working on the Barriss Offee and TwinSuns mod where I had tried it earlier with just hexediting the file to point to the Barriss texture and that was where I got the eyebrows moving under the skin. So I named this mdl the same as that one and swapped both it and the new mdx file out and put everything in the override(ie. 2da's tga's and the mdl's and mdx's) and now I get nothing there. It says I am there but there is nothing there.

I have a feeling I made a mistake in saving and exporting. (or that this isn't going to work)

Is there a step by step process anywhere on how to export a changed model?

I searched thru the modeling tutorials but didn't find a step by step process.

Thanks again