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07-07-2008, 02:31 PM
New Dantooine Mod for K1

In short, I have what I think is a great idea to make a new story line for Dantooine and I need to recruit people to help me make this. Any help will be appreciated to the fullest and I hope that by the end of this week I can assemble a team to start work on it. You can read more in depth below of what can be expected out of this mod. Also I am not going to share my script with any except for those who are helping me with the modification part simply because that would ruin the surprise.

Iím sorry for not being able to talk to the community but I have very limited use of the Internet during the summer, but I will be checking this thread daily for at least the next 3 day and possibly 5. I am here to discuss the making of a recreated Dantooine for K1. I feel that Dantooine is the most important planet because thatís where you become a Jedi but youíre on to bigger and better things only after Iím thinking four missions. I think due to my logic, this world should have a bigger story line.

I have my story line all written out. I donít want to reveal too much but the basic idea is that youíll complete your training as a Padawan and become a Jedi Knight by the end of the missions or you can become one with the Dark Side early on. The beginning of the world will be the same until you reach the mission where you have to go and defeat Juhani at the Grove. I would also like to add a couple of modules, a tomb (similar to the tombs in the valley of the Sith on Korriban), a cantina, and a small city. Iím add several new Side Missions as well as a couple of Merchants. There will be many new items and best of all 3 possible new companions with a total of 6. Youíll get 3 weather or not you are Light Side or Dark Side. Each will have a story to tell similar to Carth Onasi or Bastila Shan with a mission to play at the end. There will also be new Force Powers

There will be a total of 16 new modules. Some will have a lot of changes for example the Jedi Academy, but others like the Force Sensitive Cave will have very few changes. There will be the addition of a cantina, a small city, a set of apartments, and 2 new bases.

There will also be a war scene at the very end:
Light Side Ė at the Matale Estate, Secret Base, (Nameís) Lair
Dark Side Ė at the Enclave Courtyard, Jedi Academy, Carathway (City)
Each of these will need to be edited or created in some way, shape, or form,

Needed modders Ė Iím happy to have as many as possible
People to make items as well as item properties
Somebody who can make new Force Powers
Anybody else who know more than average about modding
Team Members
I positive that I already have a Beta Tester but they generally come by fairly easy (No Offense). I need people who can actually do thing more along the lines of modding.

My Skill
I know how but have done very little of Modeling, not ideas on how to create scripts, know how to create NPCs in a new module (no problems), create items. My biggest problem is that I donít have anyone to help me and I get discouraged without access to anybodyís help.

Other Mod Information
I know that people have told me in the past that creating planets is hard work and will take a long time, but I am determined one way or another to create a type of planet and this is one of my favorite ideas yet. So please, Iíve heard it all before, you have to know this and you have to have a lot of skill here. I just need people to help me and once that help arrives, I can swiftly start moving again. If everything goes well, I will have a team assembled within 3 to 5 days and begin work on what I think the ďNew DantooineĒ should look like, also I am open to any suggestions if any one has any ideas. I will try to incorporate any into this mod and bend the mod to fit any exceptionally good ideas and please donít ask for what happens in the story because that would ruin the surprise, am I right? I will welcome any help but my main goal here is to assemble a team. As I said earlier, for the ones who do want to help mod this, I have very limited use of the Internet and once this is underway, I will make appointments to visit the library or something to communicate each week.

07-07-2008, 02:43 PM
It seems a little odd to me that you're trying to recruit for a mod that you admittedly don't have time to talk about yourself, much less work on, but regardless ambition deserves attention and you apparently are aware of what you're getting into.

I am not going to volunteer for your team, mostly because I'm busy and as far as modding is concerned my attention span has been very short for the last few months, but if you need something 'contracted out' so to speak that can pique my attention you're more than welcome to ask me for modeling help.

07-07-2008, 02:49 PM
Thank you Inyri. My schedule is pretty simple. Monday through Wensday I have class in the afternoons on various weeks, and a part time job that doesn't require a majority of my time so modding this as far as time, I have plenty of. I just don't have help.