View Full Version : FoC GC Base Layouts fixed!

07-12-2008, 05:33 PM
I've made a small tool that 'fixes' map files made by FoC's Map Editor so they can be used for planets in Galactic Conquest with the Base Layout markers (structure and unit placement) visible and functional.

The tool extracts the 256x256 preview image that the map editor stores in the map file. The preview can be stored and used as Base Layout background as well.

Get the Map Preview Extractor (http://modtools.petro-gamers.com/tools/MapPreviewExtractor).

Note that the preview image is a top-down snapshot of the map and as such includes all structures and clouds and such, so it's advisable to:

Save the map with no clouds and no base structures
Extract the preview image for the background image (don't forget to scale it to 512x512)
Save the map with everything placed
Remove the preview image so the markers work